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  • Turkish

We say…

Zada, located in one of Stamford's trademark beautiful old buildings in the town centre, offers authentic Turkish cuisine right to its customers right in the heart of Stamford.

The interior creates an authentic atmosphere making you feel as if you've been whisked away to Turkey. Their plump brocade cushions and hand-painted dark wood chairs embellish the restaurant. Their handmade lights create a warm, relaxed ambiance, perfect for those looking for an informal dining experience. The service is just as warming, as soon as you enter you are greeted with a smile and looked after well by attentive staff.

The menu is a blend of Middle Easter cuisine, with particular emphasis on Turkish food. The chefs have delicately assembled a menu to feature some of their finest dishes made from authentic homestyle cooking and recipes. Their starters feature many of the traditional favourites, such as the cold mixed meze, ideal for two, is made up of a delicious selection of cold meze. Or why not go for a hot starter, such as their lamb kofte, a chargrilled spicy meatball dish served with special Meze sauce, or go for a hot mixed meze featuring a selection of hot meze. For your main, we recommend their izgara balik, a charcoal grilled fish served with potato salad and rice, or go for their chicken or lamb shish. For dessert, it's difficult to look further than their homemade baklava, made from layers of filo pastries with pistachio nuts in syrup.

For those seeking an exotic dining experience, look no further than Zada, the relaxing aura is perfect for dining with friends or family. Their abundance of dishes and quality service makes this Turkish restaurant a must visit for all!


last updated: 14 Mar 2019
13 Saint Mary's Hill, Stamford, PE9 2DP
01780 766848