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11.30am - 10pm
11.30am - 10pm
11.30am - 10pm
11.30am - 10pm
11.30am - 10pm
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We say…

Yo! Sushi is a nationwide family of restaurants, and its popularity has brought it to the dining public of Leicester. You’ll find this city’s favourite sushi place on Highcross lane, just across from the Haymarket shopping centre, and near the cinema and Travelodge. So, no matter if you’re having a day out shopping in Leicester, are enjoying a weekend break, or even just work here and want to pop out for a more exciting lunch one day, you should definitely consider Yo! Sushi.

The restaurant’s signature dining arrangement is the conveyor belt of delicious dishes making their way around the diners, which you can pick off and enjoy, as well as ordering special dishes if the one you want doesn’t pass by you straight away. You can watch the expert chefs showcasing their skills in front of you, so dining here passes for entertainment, too. It’s the perfect place to go if you’d like somewhere out of the ordinary to have a catch-up with friends or celebrate a special occasion.

There’s plenty to choose from in this Japanese restaurant. The best option here is to go for as many plates as you fancy, as each dish is priced reasonably, or you can order one of the main meal ‘big bowls’, such as Kaisen fishcake ramen noodle soup. If you fancy some small plates, we’ve got plenty of recommendations for you. Try the salmon firecracker rice, with yummy Asian vegetables, or go for the delicious steamed dumplings, such as duck with hoisin sauce. Make sure you try the katsu curry with Japanese breadcrumbs and a fruity sauce, available with chicken, pawns or tofu.

 Students can enjoy a UniDays discount here. Please contact the restaurant for more information.

Yo! Suhsi is an excellent destination for any diet, as the Japanese diet is naturally low in gluten, caters well for vegetarians and vegans, and many of their dishes are extremely healthy and low in fat. If you’re after a fantastic dining experience with guilt-free, delicious food, then head straight to Leicester’s Yo! Sushi. 

last updated: 11 Nov 2019
4 Highcross Lane, Leicester, LE1 4SD
01162 171 870