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We say…

Nestled in between Suffolk Road and Leadhill Road near the main train station in Sheffield is the trendy new Japanese restaurant Sumo San. This unique venue is ideal if you want to grab a meal before commuting out of the city, or if you want to take your time chatting over some amazing food with friends, as there is a private car park nearby as well as convenient public transport links.

Everything in Sumo San is geared towards the experience of a great Japanese meal. As you enter, you’ll see the traditional Teppan grills, on which chefs took the famous Teppanyaki food in the centre of a table. You’ll love the theatrical flair they put into cooking these exquisite dishes as well as the taste of them. The restaurant is otherwise decorated in an authentic Japanese style, with traditional black wooden furniture and warm lighting granted by paper lanterns. 

Japanese food is traditionally low in saturated fat and packed with nutrients, so you can tuck into the amazing menu here relatively guilt-free. Enjoy a refreshing Miso soup to whet your appetite before moving onto the main event: cold, fresh sushi and hot Teppanyaki. Ask the staff for recommendations if you’re unsure, we recommend the yummy sashimi salmon or a pair of unagi nagini, or, if you love avocado, go for creamy California roll. If you’re in the mood for something warm and filling, go for a massive bowl of ramen noodle soup or sample the tender Sirloin rolls enclosing Enoki mushrooms in a Teriyaki sauce. There’s even amazing dessert options, like the unusual sesame ice cream. Try a refreshing beer alongside your meal, too, or a cup of green tea.

If you’re looking to break your dining rut and go for somewhere with not only great food, but fun service and great value, then you need look no further than Sumo San in Sheffield.

last updated: 09 Apr 2019
16 Suffolk Road, Sheffield, S2 4AG
0114 275 1118