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    We visited for the first time last weekend and it was brilliant! There was a large group of us so we sat round the conveyor belt and had the sushi as well as ordering some side dishes and hot mains. The Ebi tempura was particularly nice and we liked that the kitchen is part open so you can watch them making the sushi. The staff were really friendly and helpful too, so overall a very successful meal.

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We say…

Sakushi Japanese restaurant in Sheffield was the first sushi and noodle bar to grace the centre of the steel city. Located on Campo Lane, it is in good company with venues such as The Wig and Pen by The Milestone and The Blue Moon Café just round the corner.

The interior of the restaurants is designed to create a calming ambience that allows you to drift away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy food that is not only delicious, but incredibly good for you too. The décor is contemporary and diners have the option of either sitting at the Kaiten (conveyor belt) or in the separate dining room area.

The common conception is that Japanese cuisine is all raw fish and rice but the truth is that it is packed with hot and cold dishes that include chicken, beef and duck as well as prawns, tuna and salmon. If guests decide to sit at the conveyor belt, a whole new dining experience is uncovered as food flies round and you choose what looks appetising for you. Each dish is priced by the colour plate that it is placed on. Must try dishes from the belt include the Fresh Crab Ura Maki; fresh crab meat and cucumber with avocado and mayonnaise, coated in a mix masago and sesame seed, and the Sake Tempura Inari; a delicious hot pocket filled with rice and salmon in tempura batter. Those that dine in the restaurant will find dishes such as Salmon Teriyaki and Chicken Yakisoba noodles.

Sakushi is an incredibly flexible restaurant and conveyor belt dining would be perfect for large parties whilst the restaurant is ideal for couples looking for a bit more intimacy. If you have never tried sushi before, we recommend you visit Sakushi, you might just surprise yourself.

last updated: 12 Nov 2019
27 Campo Lane, Sheffield, S1 2EG
01142 737 399