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    I am a massive fan of sushi so was more than happy to try Sakura's. A really good evening with welcoming staff and a high quality of sushi. Will be returning with my friends next time!

6pm-midnight (last orders 10pm)
6pm-midnight (last orders 10pm)
6pm-midnight (last orders 10pm)
6pm-midnight (last orders 10pm)
6pm-midnight (last orders 10pm)
6pm-midnight (last orders 10pm)
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We say…

Sakura was the first Japanese sushi and Teppanyaki restaurant to open in Northampton, offering guests a memorable dining experience. Situated just South of Northampton town centre on Bridge Street, Sakura is just a ten minute walk from Northampton rail station and the main shopping centres.

The dining room itself is kept very low key in terms of décor and you won’t find any fancy frills or unnecessary accessories as they just act as a fire hazard! The main attraction is the Teppan tables where skilled chefs prepare and cook your food right in front of your eyes on sizzling red hot stoves. This provides entertainment whilst you are dining and will be a conversation starter for weeks to come. There are flames and flamboyance aplenty at Sakura as food flies from the pan to your plate, quite literally on occasions!

As well as the steaming Teppanyaki, a wide range of ultra-fresh sushi is available which comes with a guarantee of excellence that only years of experience brings to the world of sushi. You can expect to find classics such as the California Roll Maki; crabstick, avocado and egg wrapped in seaweed and rice, Prawn Tempura; deep fried prawns in light and crispy tempura butter, and the Salmon Handroll; salmon wrapped in a seaweed roll by the chef’s hands, not using the bamboo mat.

A common misconception is that sushi is all about raw fish and whilst at Sakura, that is the dominant ingredient, meat lovers can also enjoy the Japanese cuisine with a variety of beef and chicken dishes available from the Teppanyaki menu. If you have never been to Sakura, now is the time; you can’t get fresher food than when it is prepared and cooked in front of you.

last updated: 26 Mar 2019
149-151 Bridge Street, Northampton, NN1 1QF
01604 250 688