Privacy Statement

Go dine Limited is committed to protecting the privacy of the information you have given and the information Go dine has committed to you. We try to collect and use information that is used by Go dine to enhance the quality of our service and securely store information we collect. We shall explain the uses of the information you have provided us and what steps are in place to ensure that your privacy is safeguarded. Go dine Limited may also be referred to as "the site" "Go dine" and "" within the privacy statement below.

The information you have provided to us implies acceptance of this Privacy Statement and is a key part of the Terms and Conditions statement. If you do not agree with this statement please express your dissatisfaction and request to withdraw all information held by Go dine and this information will be eradicated by contacting You may also at anytime request amendments at any time and we will attempt to make these within one working weeks, although can not guarantee this.

This Statement may need to be updated from time to time and will need to be reviewed by you the Go dine customer on a regular basis.

Information you have provided us, implied or otherwise - By agreeing to work with Go dine you have issued critical and non-critical information to Go dine and you choose the information we collate. Where possible we will demonstrate the use of this information and warrant this to you. You have the opportunity to question any information we retain about you.

From time-to-time you may be requested to fill out surveys, perform marketing campaigns or update blogs that will consequentially provide Go dine and the audience with information about you or your service. These operations are on a selective basis and if you do not wish to reveal information then you understand the right to opt out.

By opting in to such campaigns you understand this information is present to Go dine and the operation and this information can be used.

Information we gather

When you make a booking, Go dine stores that information and shares it with the restaurant you are booking with. This includes your name, phone number, email and any requests you make. This is necessary in order to facilitate your booking request.

We also use this information to create an accounts that you can access to track your bookings. You can choose to share extra information with us, including your home and work postcode and date of birth in order for us to make better recommendations to you.

You can update this information at any time in your account, and request deletion at any time by emailing us. We will, however, keep any information about recent bookings in order to properly administer our relationship with the restaurants.

We will also store information about any searches, including the IP address of the searcher and browser used, in order to improve searches. We delete this information within a month.

Third parties

Any requests for bookings will necessarily mean sharing your information with the restaurant requested.

We use Google Analytics in order to monitor the performance of our site and to measure its effectiveness. This will include adding cookies to your session in order to monitor your progress across pages.

We also use Google DoubleClick and Facebook tracking pixels in order to advertise relevant restaurants. You can opt out of this at any time by visiting their privacy pages.


Go dine uses cookies (as is common in the majority of websites) to gather the following information when you visit - the pages you visit, the IP address from which you access the site, the type of browser and operating system used to access the site, the date and time of your access to the site and the internet address of the website from which you accessed the site.

You can delete cookies at any time or you can set your browser to reject or disable cookies. If you do disable cookies some functions on the site may not work correctly.

We may compile and report to third parties (such as advertisers) aggregate statistics about our users in terms of numbers, traffic patterns and related site information.

We do not connect the information collected through cookies with other information that is personally identifiable, unless required or permitted to do so by law or to enforce the Terms & Conditions.

Using information

Go dine business use - We will use the information you have provided us in order to manage transactions, i.e. placement of diners into restaurants and the handling of queries. We may give agents only dedicated information on accounts to make credit card payments ex gratia payments and fulfilment of transactions and the fulfilment of our operations, including the processing of bookings and customer enquiries.

We may wish to action external marketing companies to understand trends and evaluate the Go dine. In these events Go dine users will remain anonymous and only information in the aggregate will be used, e.g. bookings to hit ratio information. In no way will Go dine knowingly divulge any information you have given us.

Mutually beneficial campaigns - Given the understanding Go dine has of its market place and customers Go dine may use information provided to us by you for third parties to contact you. These contacts will be seldom and but are deemed to be an added on feature of the Go dine service and therefore value-added.

Within the Go dine site there are related links with affiliates of the company or buying groups. It is realised that by selecting to visit those external sites and by using links that Go dine provides, Go dine can not be liable for the content and no liability will be applied to Go dine in the event of damages or offence.

Users are able publicise information on the site to express opinions and reviews. Whilst we will screen these comments there may be unsolicited messages published which Go dine will hold no liability for. Any information within these public areas whether they be blogs, chat forums or discussion groups Go dine has no liability as to the content and use by third parties. Users are advised to proceed in these areas with caution and are not permitted to knowingly cause offence or harm to other individuals or business represented by Go dine.

Transfer of information - Go dine holds the right to divulge information for any legal purpose with the jurisdiction of the law. Transfer of information may take place if it operationally necessary in any such event of sale, acquisition or disaster recovery operation. All information will be transferred with limitation and may include personally identifiable information.

Information you can access through Go dine - In no circumstance are usernames, passwords and protected or security sensitive information areas to be given to anyone other than those in direct ownership or control of your account.

Go dine expects all reasonable precautions to be taken and may use technology to understand account usage. Should any suspicious activity occur Go dine reserves the right to investigate using powers within the legal framework.

Go dine is always concerned with the threat of external parties to the sensitivity of all your information and have and will continue to evolve the physical, electronic and management of your information. Users understand that threats to this security may take place that breach these protections and therefore cannot guarantee that all information is free from unauthorised third parties.

Go dine holds the right to cancel subscriptions to accounts at any time without warning and to alter login details.