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The Lone Star Café Bar is situated in the spa town of Buxton, Derbyshire. Just a two minute stroll from the architectural gems of the Crescent Building and the Buxton Opera House, the restaurant itself was once a garage and the lively staff dress to honour this history! Today, the Lone Star serves an extensive Mexican menu within laidback and unique surroundings.  

The restaurant’s interior matches its dishes: colourful and fresh with a kick! The quirky décor of a collection of bowler hats and the piano complement the wooden furnishings, creating a unique and saloon-inspired atmosphere in which to enjoy the large plates served up by the kitchen!  

From salads to steaks, there’s something for everyone to be found on Lone Star’s extensive menus. Why not begin your evening with deep fried filled jalapeno peppers, aptly named Chilli Poppers or dare to try the Dead Man’s Fingers, strips of beef flamed with a brandy and pepper sauce. The Lonestar platter offers a ‘rodeo’ of Mexican flavours for those who can’t decide! Continue to enjoy the flavours of Mexico in the vast range of main course dishes; true fans will opt for opt a traditional favourite such as burritos, fajitas or enchiladas with a choice of fillings. We’re intrigued by the Lonestar Spicy Tower: crispy tortilla wraps towered with meats, spices and cheese, a real challenge! Alternatively, the Texan chargrilled burger menu features some inventive names and flavour combinations, chicken is served Louisiana or Maryland style and there’s a great choice of steaks, rumoured to be the best in the area.

If Mexican spice isn’t to your liking, the pasta and pizza menus are sure to feature your favourite. They also combine Italian and Mexican flavours in dishes such as the Spaghetti Western and Mexicana pizza and the salad menu features a unique Surf n Turf option.

However you want to flavour your evening, you’ll find dish that hits the spot on Lone Star’s selection of menus. If you’re looking for Mexican hospitality and flavour, saddle up and get on down to Lone Star Café Bar. 


last updated: 27 Mar 2019
The Old Courthouse, George Street, Buxton, SK17 6AY
01298 73301