Earn FREE meals at any of the restaurants below by booking online with Go dine!

Simply log in after your meal, leave a review and your reward points will clear.
  • 1 Book online
  • 2 Leave your review
  • 3 Earn FREE meals!

Once you have collected 1,800 points or more, select "Book FREE Meal" on the restaurant of your choice below and follow the instructions. Please note – a free meal consists of a 2 course meal from the a la carte menu along with a glass of house wine or a soft drink for one person.

Book, review, earn points, claim free meals!

  • 200 PointsBook for 1 - 9 people
  • 600 PointsBook for 10 - 19 people
  • 1400 PointsBook for 20 - 29 people

1800 Points will earn a free meal at any of these restaurants

2400 Points will earn a free meal at any of these restaurants

* Please note all free meals must be claimed through the "Book FREE Meal" buttons on this page to qualify.

Terms & Conditions

  • 1. If you fail to show on 2 occasions or more then all accumulated reward points may be cancelled.
  • 2. Go dine may not reward points where a review is incorrectly completed.
  • 3. Go dine may modify at any time the amount of points required to book a free meal at any restaurant.
  • 4. Points may not be earned on special offers or last minute deal bookings.
  • 5. Go dine reserves the right to change or cancel any element of the reward points scheme, including points earned by users and any conditions at any time without notice.
  • 6. Reward points cannot be redeemed in conjunction with points earned by any other user.
  • 7. Reward points may not be earned on bookings where points are being redeemed.
  • 8. Any pending points will expire if a review has not been left within a month of the booking date.
  • 9. Reward points cannot be redeemed in December, on the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day), Mother’s Day, State Bank Holidays or any other special events. This applies every year on any booking.
  • 10. Any reward points that have not been redeemed within one year of being earned will expire.
  • 11. No points will be earned, or can be retracted, where a diner fails to show or if fewer diners show than the booking amount, regardless of whether the points have been awarded in the first place.


How do I earn my points?
After you have made a booking online, simply log in to your account and leave a review for the restaurant you visited within 1 month and your points will clear. The number of points you earn is dependent on the size of the booking. Reviews can only be left from the day after the booking date.
Where can I see how many reward points I have?
The total points can be seen in your my Go dine account. Simply log in and view the total.
How do I redeem my reward points?
You simply chose one of the restaurants from above and select "Book FREE Meal" following the instructions.
What does a free meal consist of?
A two course meal from the a la carte menu and either a small glass of house wine or a soft drink.