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  • 1.58 miles from Nottingham
  • Greek

We say…

Olives, dips, gyros and plenty of raki… need we say more?

Inspired by the traditional Greek kitchens from which it takes its name, Cuzina West Bridgford is an attractive pocket of Grecian culture just a short bus ride from Nottingham city centre.

From a crushed cheese dip blended with red pepper and chilli, to roasted veg stuffed with rice, sultanas, fresh mint and pine nuts, Cuzina serves an adventure through the very best of Greek cuisine.

Meals are of course bolstered by the strength of traditional Greek and Cypriot spirits while Cuzina also brings a newer area of national expertise to the table with its range of iced freddo coffees: a must-try if you haven't before.

The venue is styled to make it feel as though you are in Greece rather than Nottingham, with bright white walls, dark wood finishes, plenty of greenery and the dining area separated from the bar with atmospheric ceiling arches.

Cuzina West Bridgford is conveniently located directly opposite the Radcliffe Road stand of Trent Bridge Cricket Ground and just around the corner from Nottingham Forest’s City Ground.

last updated: 04 Dec 2019
25 Radcliffe Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5FF
0115 914 5566