Funky Restaurants – The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand

Overhanging a meandering stream, located in an open meadow on the edge of a forest, the Yellow Treehouse restaurant in New Zealand has to be one of the most sought after and stunning dining destinations in the world.

The restaurant itself is almost 10 feet wide and 12 feet tall, carriying the look of a glowing hanging lantern at night, which is simply stunning. The restaurant is constructed almost entirely from timber and is accessible by a winding 60m walk way. The build was undertaken in conjunction with the Yellow Pages after a brief to develop an off-the-wall restaurant was put forward and since opening the restaurant has proved to be so popular that it is now booked up for many months in advance… Shame!

Oh well, you can always try another top restaurant with Go dine!

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  1. My friend told me about this yellow delicate tree house restaurant. And WOW!!! Look at that restaurant’s design. Its so nice! I need to go there myself.

  2. Yellowpages in NZ is losing money, probably because of wasting money on silly projects like this rather than sorting out the search in their web site and making a decent WAP site for cellphones.

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