A Guide to Nottingham for Vegetarians and Vegans

Whether you live in the city, or are just visiting, it can be really tricky to find a great place to eat that caters well to vegetarians and vegans. This is especially annoying if you’re with omnivorous friends or family members who just want to head somewhere with good food! As much as we love the Classic Token Veggie Option (usually a cheese-laden goat’s cheese tart, veggie lasagne, tomato pasta or limp veggie burger), we can get sick of the cheese-fest, here’s a list of some great places in Nottingham to try that for non-meat eaters and friends to enjoy together.

Encounters Restaurant

This is an ideal place to go if you’re with a group of people who are, how shall we say, less than optimistic about vegetarian options (or even outright refuse to have a single meal without a fleshy accompaniment…) Encounters restaurant does indeed serve meat, but we’re very impressed by its dedicated vegetarian and vegan menu of innovative and tasty dishes. The strudel option looks great: a Mediterranean vegetable mix with a delish creamy sauce in a crispy pastry. For a flavourful vegan option, we’ve heard that the pineapple and cashew stir fry is especially yummy, and has that much-needed protein hit!

Like a lot of indie restaurants, it can get really busy at peak times, so make sure you book to avoid having to opt for a bog-standard veggie option or a non-existent vegan one, and there’s a bit on the form for you to tell them your dietary requirements if you’re one of those awkward vegetarian-with-allergies! There’s also a great offer on at the moment of two courses for a tenner if you book online, which is a great excuse to go ASAP.

The Alley Café Bar Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegans in Nottingham

Now, for the all-veggie group of friends or if it’s your night to choose where to go, the Alley Café is an exclusively vegetarian and vegan paradise in the city centre. Aside from the food, they offer impressive eco-warrior credentials in their dedication to 100% renewable electricity. They’ve also dedicated themselves to a truly fabulous drinks selection of vegan ciders, beers and amazing cocktails alongside regular live bands and DJs, so be prepared to make a night out of going for dinner here!

As for the food, it’s a fantastic mishmash of options from around the world, so there’s really no excuse for any fussy chicken-nugget loving pals of yours to turn their noses up – there’s even ‘not ham’ and cheese sarnies and ‘baconesque’ breakfasts to get them into the swing of things. Go for the divide and conquer approach for starters, as you’ll want to try everything! Olives, hummus and oriental tofu ‘orbs’ (sounds interesting!) are good sharing options to start, then go for the perfectly fried falafel, ‘happy hemp’ burger or a crispy halloumi salad, and don’t miss out on their array of vegan dessert treats!

Happy hour brings a lot of traffic into the restaurant, and there’s a pretty limited capacity, so check out here to book.

The Cumin Indian Restaurant

The Cumin Nottingham

As you may have already noted, ‘foreign’ food is often much more veggie-friendly than your standard pub fare, as the cultural/economic/lots and lots of historical factors means that your Indian/Chinese/Thai restaurants are best equipped for our specific needs.

A particular favourite in Notts, and not just for vegetarians, is the Cumin Restaurant on Maid Marian’s Way in the city centre. As with the Alley Cafe options, we’d advise you to split with your co-diners to try a bit of all the menu. Classic options which are perfect for anyone (no matter if they usually eat meat) are the cubes of firm, yummy Mutter Paneer cheese packed with spices, or the creamy spinach option of Saag Aloo. Vegans won’t miss out, though, with fantastic fresh vegetable curries like the Dal Makhni as black lentils and kidney beans really bulk out the veggies and will leave you satisfied.

The lovely folk at the Cumin restaurant are currently running a 25% discount for those savvy enough to book on Go Dine, so if you know when you want to go just pop it through on our online booking system and save yourself some sterling.

These are just some of a lot of fantastic places to go in Nottingham for the less meat-inclined. We’ve also got lists of great places in Derbyshire, Leicestershire,Northamptonshire, Rutland and more, so have a check on our website if you need any more options outside of Nottingham! Where are your top picks for vegetarians or vegans in your area? We’re always looking for recommendations, so leave ’em below!


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