Top Reasons Why Tapas Is The Best

Bite sized

Tapas is quite possibly the easiest thing to eat. The small bite size pieces simply pop straight into your mouth. A tapas restaurant could possibly be the best date night choice there is. We say leave the spaghetti until the 3rd date.

Variety is the spice of life

We’ve all had that moment when everything on the menu sounds so good that you can’t choose between them. With tapas, this is not a problem. You can order 5 dishes with getting strange looks from your dining companions. If you fancy experimenting with flavours, a tapas restaurant is the ideal choice.


Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re sat in a little Spanish tapas bar, enjoying the sunshine with a glass of sangria? Spanish food is so tasty, fresh and flavoursome, it’s hard to resist. The bursts of flavours that come from all the different dishes but work together so well.

Not just Spanish

If you love Greek cuisine, head to Yamas for delicious mezze! Although, who said tapas or mezze had to be Mediterranean? Serving bacon themed tapas, Last Chance Saloon is definitely not your average eaterie. And if you fancy drifting off a little further than Spain, The Rum House serves Caribbean style dishes. Yeah mann!

Social eating

Sharing is caring! If you’re after a social dining experience, this is the ideal choice. Get together and order a load of dishes, put them in the middle of the table and help yourselves.

Lunch or dinner

The great thing about tapas is that you can have as little or as much as you want! Enjoy just a couple of dishes for a light lunch and have a few more for your evening meal.

Something for everyone

Gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan or simply fussy? There will be more than one choice on the menu for you to choose. The fussiest eater will be satisfied.

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