The Best of Nottingham’s Indian Restaurants

Nottingham is renowned for its Indian restaurants. There is such a wide variety of Indian cuisine available within a small area of the city centre that the choice can be bewildering. How do you know whether the Indian restaurant you pick at random will turn out to be an old-fashioned, cheap and cheerful local curry house or a modern fine-dining establishment with quality food and prices to match?

Maid Marian Way is the hub of Indian cuisine, with a wide assortment of restaurants along it and clustered in the smaller streets around. To help visitors and locals narrow down their choice, we’ve selected a few of the best Indian restaurants in Nottingham city centre, which combine quality cuisine and a great ambience.

At the North end of Maid Marian Way, MemSaab is the first choice with its award winning cuisine and light, modern dining space. Authentic flavours, beautifully cooked and presented have gained it an appreciative and regular local clientele. It is only open for evening dining, so you’ll need to look further for a lunch time Indian meal.

Perhaps Laguna, just off Maid Marian Way in Mount Street, would suit you. The oldest Indian restaurant in Nottingham, it has a traditional appeal and a dedicated approach to its North Indian cuisine, serving authentic classics and using a traditional tandoor clay oven.

Also in Mount Street, 4550 Miles from Delhi, newly refurbished, has a modern airy feel to it with an open theatre style kitchen that produces delectable meals from an extensive menu. The chefs are from Delhi itself, so you can be sure the food has all the authentic flavour of India, with fresh herbs and spices.

Further down Maid Marian Way, a colourful contemporary decor and cosy atmosphere make Chutney a popular choice with locals looking for quality food in generous portions. It’s only open in the evenings, so at lunch time try crossing the road to …

The Cumin. Here a succinct menu of authentic Indian food is served in a comfortable and understated ambience. It is a family run restaurant with great attention to detail and has won many accolades in the few years it has been open.

You really are spoilt for choice in Nottingham if excellent Indian cuisine is your idea of a great night out. But start with any one of these and you won’t be disappointed.

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