Top 8 Sandwich Shops in Nottingham

Looking for a place to grab some lunch? Look no further as we walked through the whole of Nottingham to find the sandwich shops that are the best in terms of food, price and location. Since we’re releasing our sandwich bags soon, we wanted to make sure you got the best offers alongside a fantastic sandwich. If you visit any of these shops, watch out for our promotional sandwich bags, as they have some amazing Christmas deals on them! You can also see a selection of those deals here –

Our Top 8 Sandwich Shops in Nottingham:

1. Peckish – 1A Wollaton St, City Centre near Theatre Royale – Very popular place

2. Hungry Pumpkin – 38 High Pavement, near St Mary’s Church – A hidden gem

3. Philo’s – Just around the corner from Starbucks, close to the market square – Express café for a quick bite

4. Olive Tree – 21 Chapel Bar – For the lovers of Italian lunch experience

5. Tuckers – Friar Lane, close to the market square – New management

6. Shakers – Friar lane, not far away from the market square – The home of healthy eating

7. Mary’s Kitchen – 10 Southwell Road, close to the Ice Arena – Family run sandwich shop

8. Granby Kitchen – 15 Station St, opposite the train station – For before or after a train trip

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