Themed Restaurants in Nottingham

Are you ready to be transported? These restaurants will whisk you away to a completely different time and place, making you feel like you’re no longer in Nottingham. With an intense combination of the smells, sights and atmosphere, these themed restaurants will take you somewhere completely new.

Zaap Thai Street Food (Nottingham)


Zaap really is like no other restaurant in Nottingham because this Thai restaurant give a truly authentic experience. Also, you’ll be amazed when you see the real Tuk-Tuk bikes and Thai train carriage. With much of the interior transported directly from Thailand itself, Zaap has gone the extra mile to create a realistic setting. The vibrant interior, incredible smells and décor will whisk you away to Bangkok in seconds. Zaap really has taken Nottingham by storm and is greatly welcomed to the Nottingham dining scene. Everything is authentic.

Last Chance Saloon


The interior is truly incredible. Walk through the swing saloon doors and admire the bespoke cut wooden interior. Last Chance Saloon is a bourbon and bacon bar. Yes, bourbon and bacon. It could quite possibly be the greatest combination ever.  You’ll feel like you’re on the movie set for an old country western patiently waiting for the shoot out to begin.



If an authentic dining experience is what you crave, Marrakesh does not disappoint. Take a seat on the low tables and enjoy your meal the Moroccan way. Tuck into a delicious range of Moroccan and authentic Lebanese dishes. The lively atmosphere makes Marrakesh fantastic for all occasions. Especially as Marrakesh has belly dancers often performing in the restaurant, Marrakesh ensures that your experience is unforgettable.

Enjoy new cultures and experiences in Nottingham city centre. Your senses will come alive and you’ll be whisked away into a completely different world. Enjoy the new tastes, sights, sounds and atmospheres. Why go to a normal restaurant when these incredible themed restaurants are on your door step?

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