Salmon Salad recipe

Salmon has a sense of occasion about it. It brings a little bit of luxury to a meal despite the fact that it is a very healthy option, especially when served as part of a main course salad. Its delicious rich meat needs very little added to it, so can be cooked very simply, and it partners well with all the salad leaves, especially iron rich watercress and peppery rocket.

In this recipe the salmon is poached in white wine and water with herbs and seasoning, as the healthiest option, but if you prefer you can quickly pan fry it in butter for an extra bit of crispiness and flavour.

Recipe for Salmon Salad


500g / 1lb approx salmon fillets
half a cup dry white wine
half a cup water
1 shallot or half a small onion thinly sliced
2 sprigs fresh parsley
a few sprigs fresh dill or other herbs
salt and pepper
a selection of fresh salad leaves and herbs
lemon wedges to serve

Put the wine, water, parsley, dill, shallot in a pan that will comfortably hold the salmon fillets in one layer. Bring it up to a simmer over a medium heat. Lower the salmon fillets, skin side down, into the liquid and simmer gently for about 5 minutes until the flesh is opaque. Remove from heat. Season with salt and pepper and leave to cool, while assembling the rest of the salad. (If you will be eating  immediately you can also serve the salmon still warm on the salad leaves with some new potatoes alongside)

Wash and dry all the salad leaves and arrange them on each plate, then top with a slice of the salmon fillet and a wedge of lemon alongside.

Serve some rhick, mustardy French dressing separately for each person to drizzle over the leaves.

Other things to add to your salmon salad:
•    Boiled waxy new potatoes cooled
•    Steamed asparagus
•    A poached egg per person
•    Crunchy slices of fennel
•    Toasted almonds

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