Thai Edge in Leeds has fragrant and exciting Thai cuisine

Situated on Calverley Street on the edge of Millennium Square in Leeds city centre is the large glass-fronted restaurant that is Thai Edge. This award winning restaurant has held its AA rosette for ten years and has a kitchen run by an internationally acclaimed chef. Other accolades awarded to Thai Edge include Best Service and Best Oriental Restaurant whilst the Independent named them one of the top 10 places to eat Asian food in the UK. Pretty good going I would say and a fair indication of the standard of service and excellence of cuisine that you can expect here; perfect for a catch-up lunch with a friend or an ideal venue for your office Christmas party.

The restaurant is a large open space with high ceilings and show stopping carvings in floor to ceiling recesses. Thai art is subtly highlighted by the use of space and lighting, whilst the overall theme is one of modern geometrics offset by the use of many natural materials such as stone, bamboo and wood. Accents of purple and gold with striking displays of fresh blooms bring the whole design together in a feeling of calm and balance.

An extensive Thai menu of vibrant flavours

The menu is extensive; a huge array of fresh crunchy textures and vibrant flavours. Thai food has to be one of the most fragrant cuisines on the map, using mostly quick cooking methods to bring out the natural flavour of the foods. Lots of aromatics are used, resulting in an explosion of flavours that sing on the palette and leave you wanting more. There is a difference between throwing everything at a dish and carefully maximising flavours with subtle layering and that balance is what you will find in the food at Thai Edge.

For starter there is a selection of platters, satay of lamb, chicken or beef, or grilled meats such as Thai style beef tenderloin with Thai chilli dipping sauce. You could try minced prawn and chicken with garlic, deep fried in rice paper parcels and served with plum sauce, or steamed scallops with spring onion, soy sauce and a touch of Thai whisky with spicy dipping sauce. Thai whisky; who knew? There are also many dishes suitable for vegetarians, but do make sure as many dishes contain fish sauce instead of salt.

Renowned Thai soups are fragrant and restorative

There are many Thai soups on offer; chicken with galangal, lemon grass and lime leaves in coconut milk makes good use of fragrant flavour but doesn’t overcrowd the palate with too many. Salads are a significant part of any Thai meal, combining crisp vegetables with meat or seafood and delivering fresh flavour with a characteristic note of bitterness. Thai curries; yellow, green and red are made with vegetables, chicken, lamb, beef, pork or duck and include dishes such as roasted duck in a red curry with cherry tomatoes, pineapple, red chilli, kaffir lime leaf and sweet basil. Moist and sticky chicken thigh is served char-grilled with sweet chilli sauce.

Book your Christmas party online with Go dine

These are just a few of the accomplished dishes at Thai edge, you can view the full menu on the Go dine site. Open for lunch and dinner, Monday to Saturday, and all day Sunday, you can enjoy all you can eat Sunday lunch for £10.95 or the Christmas Set Menu from £22.50. If you don’t fancy Thai food then remember that we have an extensive guide to restaurants in Leeds that features loads of different cuisines from around the world.

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