Fine Indian Dining at MemSaab in Leicester

The city of Leicester is a modern cosmopolitan centre that is home to a vast array of diverse and international eating establishments with Indian cuisine leading the procession. Housed in the High Cross development, MemSaab is one of the best Indian restaurants in the city. Offering fine dining and also a chic champagne bar this elegant establishment offers a touch of sophisticated respite amidst the sprawling urban landscape.

A vision of modern style yet with the decadent air of days gone by, the restaurant offers four different dining areas including a first floor area, with a balcony that towers above the city, and a chef’s table with a view of the kitchen. Floor to ceiling windows create a light airy space in which striking contemporary flower arrangements stand in silhouette against red boxy leather sofas. Large ferns and heavy drapes soften the modern lines and add a timeless elegance to this exquisitely designed interior. The restaurant was designed to evoke the affluent style of the days of the Raj but also to represent the best of both worlds that existed within. With the name MemSaab they have dedicated their vision of excellence to the ‘redoubtable ladies of the Raj’ and hope that the food and service also pay tribute to Indian customs and courtesy.

MemSaab in Leicester really is fine dining Indian Cuisine at its best and although the sumptuous setting is essential to create the right mood it is the quality of the food that shines here. There are several menus available with some excellent value offers. The fast track menu has a good selection of familiar dishes to choose from and at £7.95 for a two course lunch is exceptional value for dining of this quality. For parties of ten or more the chef’s table is available. At a separate seating area with a view of the kitchen, diners can relax whilst watching the accomplished chefs prepare their delicious meal. At prices from £16.95 a head this is a deal not to be missed, with an interesting range of carefully thought out and well balanced dishes you can enjoy a meal that is individually prepared in full view; everyone enjoys a little of the chef’s undivided attention after all.

Popular well known dishes such as Makhani and Masala are offered as well as a decent selection of modern and accomplished interpretations. The range of starters is impressive with interesting dishes such as tandoori ostrich and saffron salmon tikka, alongside the more familiar flavours of perfectly shaped onion bhaji and a delicately aromatic sheikh kebab. The chef’s special selections include Tiger Prawn Moilee, a dish of large succulent shellfish that introduces a spicy blend of South Indian flavours and a perfectly balanced dish of lamb leg gently infused with Indian flavours and served with stuffed baby aubergines.

If you are looking for a great restaurant in the city of Leicester then be sure to treat yourself to a meal at the exquisite MemSaab. If you book online through Go dine you will be kept up to date with all the best restaurant reviews and suggestions that have been carefully suited to your preferences. We reward your loyalty with points towards free dining and remove all the guesswork from dining out, ensuring that you are never disappointed.

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