Fresh and Authentic Italian Food at Maranello’s in Sheffield

This popular Italian restaurant in the Ecclesall Road area of Sheffield, near the botanical gardens, is everything that a good Italian eatery should and more.

A family run restaurant, proudly fronted by Vito and Lucia, it has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with a modern bistro feel. The dining area is light and spacious but homely with splashes of deep red colour. The walls are of exposed brick with sumptuous, almost baroque decor whilst marble topped tables and wrought iron furniture span quarry tiled floors that give the whole place an outdoor terraced feel. The vibe is busy and informal but not so squashed that you need to shout to be heard.

The food at Maranello’s Italian Restaurant in Sheffield is freshly prepared to order and they pride themselves not only on quality but versatility and individual attention. Should you prefer less of one ingredient and more of another or like to swap out a sauce or topping, then they are more than happy to oblige. The extensive menu is Authentic Italian with a modern feel that showcases the produce and a riot of fresh flavours; menu items are not always available depending on the season, which is always a good sign.

You could begin with some simple olives or bruschetta whilst you linger over the menu with a glass of wine. An impressive selection of starters awaits as a tantalising introduction to your meal with a choice that is positively bursting with fresh produce and sunshine flavours. Funghi Sorrento is a dish of stuffed mushrooms oven-baked with tomato, béchamel and cheese or fish lovers could try the fresh mussels and scallops. With plenty of classic, light and simple choices there is something to please the most jaded of palates and the only problem will be deciding which to order.

The main menu, although it does offer them, by no means focuses on pizza; not your usual suspects, even the pasta choices are full of surprises. There are several gnocchi dishes and a few risottos that showcase some of the very best of classic Italian cooking. Risotto Fegatine features creamy mushrooms and chicken livers whilst another is laden with beans, garlic and fresh herbs. Tagliatelle con Prosciutto Crudo is delicately tossed with Parma ham and basil, a perfect example of less is more it highlights the light touch of many of the pasta dishes. The menu offers a huge list of steaks, fillet and sirloin, with various fresh sauce combinations. The pricing is reasonable, but not so cheap that you worry about the quality of the steak. There are several meat main courses; in fact the menu seems to focus on these a la carte items rather than the obvious pizza and pasta. Veal, calves liver and chicken breast are all presented in a range of accomplished and delicious sauces, such as Pollo Orto é Bosco; a moist chicken breast cooked with cherry tomatoes and oyster mushrooms. There is also a range of fresh fish and seafood dishes to select from, with Merluzzo con Noci, fresh flaky cod in walnut cream sauce, as just one of the many stand out offerings.

Go dine is offering 10% off the price of the final bill to parties of 6 or more booking through us. With the impressive fresh dishes on offer and outstanding hospitality, Maranello’s is certainly one of our restaurants in the Sheffield area to visit soon. You can also earn points towards a free meal, so why not let us do the hard work and use our expertise to point you in the direction of a perfect meal each time.

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Fresh and Authentic Italian Food at Maranello’s in Sheffield, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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