Kendell’s Bistro in Leeds – Rustic French in true Parisian Style

Home to some of the best shopping in the North of England, Leeds offers cultural experiences and entertainment round the clock. With a huge shopping area, several theatres and so many restaurants to choose from, Leeds city centre is the place to be. With a thriving University and a vast commercial sector it has adapted to provide something for everyone across a range of ages and cultures.

Waiting quietly in the arts district, across from the renowned Leeds College of Music, there is a French bistro that will assault your senses and leave you breathlessly wanting more. Run by a Yorkshireman who is experienced, and clearly skilled, in the fine art of French cuisine and hospitality the award winning Kendell’s Bistro is a relaxed and intimate restaurant with exceptional food.

The exquisite interior is artfully decorated in true Paris bistro style, but this is no superficial reproduction and there aren’t many places that could use wine bottles as candlesticks and get away with it. All dim lighting and dark wood, the interior is warm with muted red and gold tones. Wooden tables entertain a motley crew of mismatched seating and lovely period chairs against a backdrop of art nouveau murals and well chosen prints whilst a large gilt mirror lounges insouciantly against one wall amidst tea lights and a twinkle of pastel pink blooms. Baroque and bohemian, Kendell’s Bistro is utterly romantic in the true sense of the word; brooding, sensuous and visceral.

Yet the real focus here is on the food. Rustic French at its very best, the menu changes on a daily basis to showcase the highest quality of produce available. Bursting at the seams with bistro classics and comforting farmhouse fare, again any similarity to superficial reproduction is stopped at the door. The boeuf bourguignon is made with ox cheek; the pot au feu contains oxtail, shin, cheek and bone marrow, whilst the coq au vin is actually made from cockerel. Porc boulangere, a dish of roasted belly pork, is served with braised potatoes flavoured with rosemary, tomatoes and garlic. Pork cheeks are braised in the Normandy style with apples, cider and calvados. The food on this menu makes you want to eat here every day for the rest of your life.

The  dishes on the pre-theatre menu continue in a similar vein with a generous range of choices, none of which would disappoint. The dessert menu reads like a list of lovers. Pot au chocolate, Crème Brulee, Tarte au Citron; you can feel them all whispering in your ear. All of them are the usual French suspects which would often fail to excite, but in this place, at this time, you just know they will be everything that they are supposed to be.

The food here is of exceptional value, especially as you can tell that no corners have been cut where quality is concerned. A popular pre-theatre destination, the set menu is exceeding well priced and you are assured that you will be finished in plenty of time for your show. Kendell’s Bistro is open Tuesday to Saturday from 5.30pm until late and if you book through Go dine either on line or over the telephone your reservation will be secured. We have many other great restaurants in Leeds with photos, menus and user reviews, so why not give us a try when searching for your next perfect meal out.

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