Hong Kong Wok Sheffield presents fresh authentic Chinese food

To the South of inner city Sheffield is the bustling London Road. A foodie paradise, not only is it home to a globe-trotting array of restaurants but it is also filled with speciality supermarkets for those who love to cook as well as eat out. A great place for a night out, London Road is the place to be and is bustling with busy bars, pubs and restaurants such as the stunning Honk Kong Wok.

Way up the popularity charts of places to eat in Sheffield, Hong Kong Wok has a modern minimalist style that is also unmistakeably Chinese and the most extensive menu that I, or possibly anyone else has ever seen. You could eat a different dish here each day for probably the next five years, and although that sounds like an exaggeration I can assure you it is not. Smartly dressed and friendly staff members are knowledgeable about the food and are there to guide you through the menu and help you make some rather difficult decisions.

The food here is expertly crafted, good Chinese food. All the popular dishes are here but they are executed with grace, style and most importantly flavour. The setting is sparsely urban and nothing distracts from the food. The decor is mostly black and white with splashes of true red and geometric lines, whilst the tables are the classic big round ones that can support an army of food and have that spinny wheel in the middle for stylish sharing without clashing elbows. Everything is prepared from the freshest of ingredients that are simply, and for the most part, quickly cooked.

As I may have already mentioned, the menu at Hong Kong Wok is huge. This is to be expected in most Chinese restaurants, but this one is like nothing that has ever gone before. There is a specials menu, offering big plates of noodles topped with a variety of accompaniments. With 6 different types of noodles to choose from and over 100 dishes to put on top, including stir fries, curries, and roast meats, you could probably stop right there. There are three starter menus that offer a vast array of wings, satay, tempura, peking duck and five different styles of rib. A choice of ten clear soups makes an appearance, which is roughly nine more than the usual offerings.

For main course there is a selection of Sifu specials. Sifu means teacher or master, so I am assuming that these are the chef’s specials; something a little out of the ordinary. There is a menu of casserole dishes, which although something we hear about in the street and home cooking of China is something rarely encountered in a restaurant. For the more adventurous amongst us, and those looking for a truly authentic experience, these dishes can include ducks feet, tripe and fatty cuts of meat with barely any muscle to be seen. The menu of roasted dishes includes everyone’s favourite dishes of roast duck, crispy pork and Char Siu. An impressive range of seafood deserves a mention, especially the lobster which is cooked with ginger and spring onion. From there it just continues on and on in a mind blowing array of dishes. Don’t come here too hungry as it may take you rather a long time to choose your meal.

Hong Kong Wok is open all day from noon but is closed on Wednesdays. They have numerous special offers, including a £9.99 wok deal for 2 that consists of 3 courses. Also there is a seafood special which is excellent value at £18.00 and includes the freshest sea bass and razor clams. If this is just all too overwhelming then why not look at the other great restaurants in Sheffield. At Go dine you can read reviews, discover new places, and even book online.

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