Cubana Tapas Sheffield for a lively Latin American vibe

An eclectic mix of buildings, both ancient and modern, greets you as you enter the Cathedral Quarter of Sheffield. The area belongs to the bustling business area of the city but was once the hub of medieval Sheffield. Now home to the legal and professional community it also houses a wide variety of bars and restaurants.

Clamouring for attention amongst the brick buildings , and getting plenty of it, the brilliant yellow facade of Cubana Tapas blazes into view like an escaping ray from the midday sun. A well known and popular spot, this Latin American restaurant is relaxed and cheery with a bright informal air. There is always something new to assail your senses, with an ever changing menu and array of upbeat theme nights with live music or salsa classes to entertain.

Inside, the room is cosy with distressed wooden tables and chairs. Colourful South American murals add an urban feel with an air of expectation that is carelessly lit, secret grotto style, with fairy lights and candles. The scent of revolution is in the air and it smells really good.

The Chilean chef has created extensive and varied tapas menus with Cuban and South American influences blended seamlessly with those of Spain. He has been creating his excellent food and flavouring it with his experience for nearly ten years so the content may change yet always remains consistent.

With a focus on sharing and social interaction, staff members of Cubana Tapas are always on hand to advise you on the best choice of food, suggesting that roughly 4 dishes be ordered for each hungry person. Tapas portions are designed to be small, offering titbits of flavours to be shared around and enjoyed in a leisurely succession amongst the drinks and the chatter.

The menu offers a selection of tapas, both hot and cold, with a variety of side dishes to bulk them out if you wish. From the hot selection you could choose albondigas; famous South American meatballs that are flavoured with coriander, tomato and red wine, or pollo y chorizo; a dish of chicken breast and peppers in a creamy topped sauce and topped with spicy chorizo sausage. Pinchos are traditional South American kebabs; made from meat, chicken or vegetables and spiced with cumin and paprika they are grilled on small wooden skewers. Jamon y queso de cabra certainly deserves a mention; a basket of Serrano ham is baked with goat’s cheese and served on a bed of vegetables for a savoury and moreish morsel.

The cold tapas selection offers various small dishes of fresh and tasty ingredients to complement the more complex flavours of the hot dishes. Try marinated olives for a piquant interlude and then perhaps a mozzarella salad with cooling milky tones. A crisp fresh Greek salad will go down well and maybe some tangy anchovies for a fishy dimension. There are several types of rice, bread or pasta to add to the table and share around for mopping plates and soaking up sauces. A range of desserts is available or you could finish off with a Coffee Cubana spiked with dark rum and Kahlua.

Open six days a week from 5pm to midnight, and all day until 1am on Saturday you can be sure of a great night out at Cubana Tapas. Booking online with Go dine will give you a £5 discount from the set menu price of £18.50 when you order between 5-6.30pm Monday to Saturday. Or check out the site for many other great offers. Whatever your thing, our pick of the best restaurants in Sheffield will offer you a comprehensive guide to help you choose. Using Go dine as your number one choice for photos, restaurant reviews and online menus will ensure that you make the right choice every time.

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