Carletto in Derbyshire brings authentic Italian to Ashbourne

On Buxton Road in Ashbourne, close to the town centre, is a small independent Italian restaurant called, quite simply, Carletto. The owner of this contemporary Italian restaurant has form, having earned 2 AA rosettes at his previous venture. If you are looking for a delicious freshly prepared lunch or an accomplished Italian meal in the evening then you could do far worse than go to Carletto’s.

Homely interiors with chic Italian style

The design of the restaurant is homely, but in an utterly chic sense of the word. A clean and light neutral canvas is punctuated with red and black features and ornate iron light fittings. The wooden tables are unadorned and the chairs are comfortable modern highbacks. A gorgeous mosaic rug lies before one fireplace, whilst another fireplace laid with logs is featured below a wooden mantelpiece. Simple framed pictures hang on the wall and apart from the number of tables giving the game away this really is like being in someone’s home.

The a la carte menu at Carletto’s is a roll call of classic authentic food prepared by an expert hand. Stuzzichini are small dishes, usually shared, that are eaten as a starter; dishes such as fresh squid in tempura batter, Venetian sardine and onion or arancini with courgette and mozzarella. Next are the antipasti, which are also starters, to be eaten before the pasta course; which in Italy is not a main course but merely a warm up. Here you will find the familiar antipasti dishes of cold meats with artichokes, olives and sun dried tomatoes or chicken liver pate with bitter leaf salad.

Classic pasta dishes and superb pizza

If you are choosing to eat Italian style, now comes the pasta. Carletto’s serve, and quite rightly so, a limited choice of classic and excellently executed pasta dishes in either a small or a full sized portion. You can choose the perfect linguine vongole of clams, white wine and garlic or an authentic penne carbonara, with its light creamy sauce of egg yolks, Pancetta, parmesan and cream.

They do a very small range of pizzas, topped with wonderful things like prawns and spinach or gorgonzola and walnut, and a few risotto dishes. Finally, the secondi, or what we know as the main course, with meat or fish based dishes such as pan fried pork chop with butter, sage and parmesan or veal escalope with white wine and lemon. Fish dishes include swordfish with tomatoes, olives and capers.

Book now for your Christmas party

Carletto’s is closed on Sundays, then open for lunch and dinner through the rest of the week. They are currently taking bookings for the Christmas menu, which features 3 courses for £24.55. If you choose to eat 4 courses, Italian style, from the a la carte, it will cost around £30.00 per head which is excellent value for money. You can book online with Go dine, using our easy booking service and also see what other restaurants in Derbyshire we have to offer.

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