Bobby’s in Leicester; Britain’s top restaurants under fifty pounds

There are a number of restaurants on the Go dine site that were voted by The Times as the best restaurants in Britain for dining under fifty quid. The magnificent Bobby’s in Leicester was one of them, which is hardly surprising as it one of the greatest Indian restaurants in Leicester and is entirely vegetarian as well. The Times list says ‘can there be better value veggie Indian food in Britain?’ Take note of the word value here and bear in mind that it denotes worth and is not the synonym for merely cheap that it seems to have become.

Voted in The Times top 130 restaurants

Two generations of the Lakhani family work arduously side by side to bring you the best vegetarian Indian food in the Midlands, in this esteemed eaterie that has been open since 1976. Named for a Bollywood movie with the universal themes of poverty, riches and love, Bobby’s is a local institution that is situated on Leicester’s Golden Mile. It has been said that Bobby’s is more of a diner than a restaurant which in my experience is actually the best place to find decent Indian food. The fact that it is vegetarian also speaks volumes as with Indian food you will find that the vegetarian dishes are the best in the house. Far from looking like a diner, the restaurant has none of the gaudy opulence that may come with your usual curry house and is instead a simple statement of dark wood and plum. The opposite of sumptuous, it serves to underline the humble origins of the food produced here; it retains a certain elegance and an almost monastic feel.

Classic South Indian street foods

Street foods are big news at the moment and here at Bobby’s you will find loads of them and they are all the real deal. An entire continent has built its cuisine on what we call street food and thousands of vegetarian Indians surely cannot be wrong. Pani puri consists of hollow crisp shells filled with chickpea and potato and served with tamarind water whilst Dahi wada, a South Indian staple, are soft balls of lentils in yoghurt with tamarind chutney. The classic Masala Dosa is another famed South Indian dish; wafer thin pancakes are rolled around a spicy vegetable filling and are served with Sambhar, a hot and sour soup to dip the dosa in.

South Indian food can often be very spicy, but the floor staff are there to guide you to the right choices. The menu at Bobby’s is vast and if you are unfamiliar with the dishes on offer it really is best to take the offered advice; I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Fans of paneer, Indian cheese, will certainly be happy  with no less than nine variations on the menu. There are tandoori dishes of mixed vegetables that are tender, crisp and aromatic from the tandoor oven and a wide range of dishes to suit all tastes. If you think that you may be a little lost in an entirely vegetarian restaurant I urge you to think again; vegetarian Indian food is some of the best on the planet.

Book online for free with Go dine

You can dine like the proverbial bastion of male royalty at Bobby’s for under £25.00 per head. They are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week but booking can be essential as it is incredibly popular. You can book online for free with Go dine and also view the full the full menu alongside all the necessary details. Should you not be in the mood for some Indian food then we have a whole range of restaurants in Leicester to show you.

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