Ponchinellos Italian restaurant in Syston joins Go dine

As you may have realised, here at Go dine we love to promote the huge number of independent restaurants across the East Midlands, the North and Rutland. Whether it’s a newly opened venue or a family-run establishment that’s been going for years we want you to know about them as you can guarantee that they’re not only producing delicious food but you’ll also receive the warmest welcome imaginable (something that can be lost in larger chains).

Today we’d like to take a minute to introduce you to the newest member of the Leicester branch of our Go dine family tree. This restaurant first opened in 1985 in Hinckley and slowly but surely turned all their diners into ardent pizza lovers with their freshly prepared, authentic Italian cuisine. Fast forwards 25 years and with a second branch in Syston under their belt, Ponchinellos are going from strength to strength.

Located at the ‘Clown roundabout’ in Syston, Leicester, Ponchinellos is easily recognisable from the mural painted on the exterior of the building. Inside it is luxurious, warm, comfortable and welcoming and the friendly staff will ensure that you are looked after from start to finish.

As an authentic Italian restaurant you won’t find anything except Italian dishes. That’s right – no ‘European/British’ dishes to be found anywhere on the menu (not even on the back page). This ensures that the skilled and passionate kitchen team are able to focus all of their efforts on bringing you the true taste of Italy. Those that are concerned that they won’t like anything on the menu should stop fretting right now as the a la carte is extensive and packed full of dishes from the classic Lasagne to the seafood sensation that is the spaghetti al scoglio! With tonnes of delicious pizzas, beef, fish and chicken mains even the fussiest eater will be hard pressed not to find something they will love!

We think that once you’ve eaten at Ponchinellos, you’ll never go anywhere else for your fix of Italian cuisine. To view menus, photos, read more about the restaurant and book online for free simply follow the link to Ponchinellos Italian restaurant Syston.

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