Mocha Sauce recipe by Buckingham’s restaurant derby

Thick and delicious this mocha sauce has a number of uses, so even this generous amount won’t last long in the fridge. Pour it over ice cream, use as a filling for a sponge cake or a topping for a dessert, and even stir a spoonful into a cup of coffee, to give it a wonderful mocha richness. Of course the success of the sauce depends on the ingredients; use good dark chocolate and a rich strong coffee for best results.

1 Pint

1 pt Coffee (fresh strong ground)
160g / 6 oz Chocolate


Make the coffee in a cafetiere. Pour the hot coffee over the chocolate, broken into rough pieces and whisk until smooth. Allow to cool.
Store in fridge until needed.

To Serve
This is a very thick sauce and has many uses –  a spoon full in coffee make a mocha coffee, it can be used as a spread or a topping.

Points to Watch
Make sure that all the coffee grounds are strained out

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