From the Kitchen: Loch Fyne Sheffield

We’ve handed over the blog for today to a chef from one of our favourite restaurants, the lovely Chris Palmer. Chris is the head chef at Loch Fyne seafood restaurant in Sheffield, so we were dying to pick his brain about what exactly he gets up to! Read on to find out about what’s it’s like to be a chef, some behind the scenes gossip, and what award-winning Loch Fyne dishes the chef himself can’t help but eat! So, over to Chris!

How I Got Here

‘I really enjoy working at Loch Fyne and working with the high quality fish and shellfish that other chefs would die to work with. I enjoy producing the different specials on a daily basis and deciding which ones we will serve each day. I have been working here over four years and have learned a lot over this time. I worked my way through the ranks and am proud of what I have achieved. After three years of hard work I was promoted to head chef which was not just a great honour for me but also for those around me who I made proud!’

My Day

‘Restaurant life can often be very unpredictable; I arrive at 8.45 and often don’t leave until late! My day involves preparing the food before we open, completing food orders and then working the food service. Often service can be a very fast-paced and high-pressured environment but my love of working with fresh high quality food gets me through. I really enjoy working the evening shifts as I think I am much more of a night owl!

The biggest kitchen disaster I have survived was Christmas Eve 2011 when one of the apartments above our kitchen had a water leak and it burst through our kitchen ceiling! It was touch and go as to whether we’d be able to carry on but somehow Loch Fyne Sheffield pulled through!

This didn’t put me off though, as I enjoy cooking outside of work too. I like to buy new ingredients and see what I can produce and often find myself cooking for my girlfriend at home.’

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Food Favourites

‘My food guilty pleasure is definitely mint choc chip ice-cream and the vanilla and passion fruit cheesecake that we make here. I often find myself enjoying a piece of cheesecake once I’ve made it… Well, it needs to be quality checked doesn’t it?!

My favourite dish to make is the bream and scallops which are served with wilted spinach, fresh samphire, seared scallops, clams and sautéed potatoes. I enjoy using the different ingredients and the flavours that they produce, it’s a really popular dish that we sell here and I love making the customers happy.

I’m really excited about our new Autumn/Winter menu at Loch Fyne, it’s just launched and we’re having a fantastic response to it. My favourite dish is so hard to pick, but I’d have to say the seared tuna loin with sliced seared beef. This dish is  served with a tuna, caper and lemon sauce and the combination of flavours works so well! I also love the presentation of this dish.’

Well that’s certainly made us hungry! To sample Chris’ excellent cooking, book online or head here to view Loch Fyne Sheffield menus, reviews, photos and special offers. We personally can’t wait to try their festive menu! If you’re not in Sheffield, don’t fret, as we also feature their Leeds and Nottingham restaurants!

Do you have anything else to ask Chris? We’d love some feedback on our first ever From the Kitchen piece, so make sure you leave a comment below.

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