Leeds Vegetarian Restaurants

Leeds is a city with plenty of choices, but you can feel really limited if you choose not to eat meat, and even more so if you go full vegetarian and cut out fish dishes. If you’re follow a vegan diet, it can be especially daunting! Well, worry no more, as here at Go dine we’ve put our heads together and come up with some of our amazing member Leeds vegetarian restaurants that people can dine at no matter what diet they practice. Read on for fantastic options for vegeterians, vegans, and even gluten-free vegans!

Chino Latino

A sushi place may not cross your mind when you’re looking at places for vegetarian dinners, but this stylish Japanese joint has much more to offer than simply raw fish. They have a wide vegetarian selection, most of which is vegan, too. This is an ideal place to go for a fancy dinner, and obviously has plenty of options for meat- and fish-eaters, so everyone will be happy!

Dishes to try:

  • Vegetarian – Layered pickled beetroot, yuzu cream cheese and a port reduction.
  • Vegan – Tofu panko breadcrumb cubes with chilli spring onion and avocado oil.


Indian restaurants are often associated with cream-laden kormas or chicken tikka, but we reckon their veggie and vegan offerings surpass the rest. Check out their dedicated vegetarian menu, but don’t be afraid to ask to subsitute a couple of things. We’ve found that the most authentic Indian restaurants will do this readily, as the Indian diet is naturally lower in meat than one might assume thanks to Dharmic beliefs present in Buddhism and Hinduism, espcially in Gujarati and Uttar Pradash cooking.

Dishes to try:

  • Vegetarian – Paneer Masala – firm Indian cheese gives this curry texture and a delicious creamy flavour.
  • Vegan – Chana Masala – delicately spiced chickpeas with chunky potatoes.

Sukothai (Chapel Allerton) / (Headingley)

Leeds vegetarian restaurants

This award-winning Thai family of restaurant operates in a few locations across Leeds. Not only do they serve great food, and have amazing vegetarian options, but they’re willing to bend over backwards to accomodate vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free diets. So, don’t be afraid to ask for a Pad Thai without the egg or with a non-fishy sauce, as it’ll still taste pretty fantastic.

Dishes to try:

  • Vegetarian – Pad Thai Pak – stir-fried rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts, mixed veggies and firm tofu.
  • Vegan – Pad Pak Mamuang Himmaparn – stir fried veggies with crispy golden tofu with cashew nuts and pineapple.

Soul Kitchen @ The Wardrobe

The Soul Kitchen is a perfect venue if you’re heading out with friends who aren’t veggie and want to go somewhere trendy. If you want some great options for yourself as well as everyone else, head straight to this Carribean-/American-inspired eatery! As well as scrumptious food, the also have great foul, funk, and jazz nights (to name but a few), and the adjacent venue the Wardrobe is an unbeatable gig venue.

Dishes to try:

  • Vegetarian – Crispy sweet potato mac and cheese
  • Vegan – Redneck Allotment – a salad including warm pumpkin, sweet potato, red peppers, and pomegranate on a bed of lambs leaf

Leeds Vegetarian restaurants

Hungry? Us, too! You can book any of the above restaurants, and many more throughout the UK, quickly and easily online. The best part is, each booking earns you points towards a meal on us! Find out more about our free meals scheme here.

Check out our website for full Leeds listings and many more vegetarian, vegan, and omnivorous restaurants that you can add to your Leeds bucket list.

Which Leeds vegetarian restaurants do¬†you love? We’re always itching to add new places to our pages, so make sure and let us know if your favourite needs to be noticed! Just leave us a comment below.

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