Lasagna Recipe – Easy recipe for beef Lasagna

The classic Italian dish Lasagna (Lasagne as the Italians would insist), is a rich and flavoursome meal that uses fresh and wholesome ingredients helping it become a family favourite over the years.

Below we outline a classic and simple to prepare beef lasagne recipe:


Al forno meat lasagna recipe (oven baked) – serves 4-6 people:


1 table spoon of olive oil
Cracked black pepper
½ pint of beef stock or similar
500g of lean steak mince
100g of mushrooms
1 large chopped red onion
¼ clove of garlic (or to taste)
15 grams of tomato concentrate
1 tin of quality chopped tomatoes
1 packet of lasagna sheets/preferably green, (Verdi)

White Sauce:

300ml of milk
150g of grated chedder
20g of butter
25g of plain flour

Cooking instructions and tips for lasagna:

Whilst heating the pan on a low heat with the oil chop the onion and finely chop the garlic. Add the onions and turn up the heat to sweat for 30 seconds, then add the garlic. Immediately start breaking up the mince into the pan. Stir continuously until golden brown. Some of the mince will start to water, feel free to drain any excess water for a lower fat option; add the pepper to your taste.

Add the chopped tomato and the tomato concentrate and then the mushrooms once the tomato is consistently spread; add the beef stock and leave on a simmer heat whilst preparing the white sauce.

Melt the butter in a pan being careful not to burn and sieve flour into the butter to avoid lumps and stir to consistency, add the milk. Stirring on a low heat will avoid any issues.

Once to a medium heat slowly add the cheese, stirring continuously, add more cheese to taste.

Better to use a Pyrex dish, but simply layer the meat, then pasta, then white sauce, then pasta, then meat and so on. The more pasta you use the drier the dish and likelihood of the lasagna keeping its form when cut into portions, but do try not to overlap pasta when creating your layers.

Make sure there is a white sauce layer on the top and sprinkle the remaining cheese on top. At this point feel free to add Italian herbs, grated bread crumbs, chilli flakes and parmesan to your taste.

Bake in the oven at 180c  for 45-60 minutes and use a butter knife to push through to understand if the pasta has cooked.

Serve with a crusty bread role or a rocket side salad, but the most important thing… yet more parmesan!


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  1. lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Making this tonight for my aunt and uncle! How long does preperation take b4 putting it in the oven!!!?? 🙂

  3. I loved it. Made it for the first time tonight and added some mixed vegetables. Everyone had a second helping… cheers

  4. Good morning my fellow lasagne freaks!
    I must say this spiffing recipe really did hit the tastebuds HARD!!!
    Once ive refuelled my jet plane, ill be on my way to England with a plane full of lasanga and start dropping on your face, just like giant bird poo from the sky. Nuff said
    Love and best vishes

  5. For those of us who like to mix it up on occasion, a nice take on the traditional lasagna recipe is to add a few hot peppers and finely cut coriander to the mix. This gives the lasagna a touch of mexican influence which tastes great.

  6. I made these for friends tonight and they were delish! Thanks for sharing this recipe, it’s definitely a keeper.

  7. Hi Ray,

    No you don’t need to boil the lasagna sheets. When cooking in the oven the sheets absord the moisture in the sauce and meat and this cooks the pasta to perfection!

  8. Cooked this lasagne for friends last night, liked by all an everyone had seconds (i doubled up on the ingredients and made a huge one). Thank you, a great main meal for any dinner party 🙂

  9. Hi,
    going to bake this at the weekend to impress a boy! Lol!!
    Can you use fresh pasta sheets? Also instead of beef stock can you use red wine?
    Thank you

  10. Hey,i love this recipe it’s so easy too make,and the first time I made this recipe Indians have a clue how too make lasagna now I do thanxs alot x

  11. Thanx alot for the recipe! it came out to be delicious altho i had issues with lasagna sheets. i had to make them since i couldnt get hold of the packet.. otherwise it was lovely!!

  12. Thanks for taking the time to share this great recipe! The white sause is perfect….not too rich. Everyone loved it!

  13. Soaking the pasta sheets in hot tap water for ten minutes makes it much much easier to handle. Otherwise you end up snapping corners and piecing bits in. As they went along they actually cooked and took on a little water. But up to you how you like it. Also along the lines of hot and spicy… Add some Tabasco sauce or a sauce I discovered in a mexican resturant called cholula hot sauce is the best hot sauce. Its more tangy tingly then burn your mouth out hot. And this is nice with mince.

  14. Yes it can, just make sure you cover it with cling film to stop anything drying out. You can also cook it and then portion it into boxes and freeze for super healthy microwave meals.

  15. Excellent what would we do without you please put up a recipe for pizza or pasta or give me ideas perfect for winter the whole family loves it and would be to do some deserts as well.

  16. Simple – yet very tasty. Added diced carrots instead of mushrooms and the kids loved it. Great to freeze as a saved treat for later in the month too. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi..i did the recipe but unfortunately the lasagne sheets were too hard n didn’t cook well.i heard we can boil the lasagne sheets a bit..pls advise..thks for this great recipe though.

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