Juniper and Sloe Gin Sauce recipe by Buckingham’s restaurant Derby

Juniper and Sloe Gin Sauce recipe

Juniper berries and sloe gin make a classic combination of flavour to complement venison. Juniper is already an essential flavouring of gin and the sloes add just enough tart fruit to create a fantastic sauce. If you live near blackthorn filled hedgerow it is easy enough to make your own sloe gin in autumn after the first frosts and the vibrant dark red liqueur can also be used to add flavour to desserts or as an after dinner drink. Otherwise buy your sloe gin ready made from good supermarkets or online.

A mirepoix is the French name for the classic mixture of finely chopped onion, carrot and celery that starts off so many dishes. Use two parts onion to one each of carrot and celery.

8 Portions

26g / 1 oz Mirepoix
14g / ½  oz Garlic Butter
5 Crushed Juniper Berries
1 pint Venison Stock
14g / ½  oz / approx 2 teaspoons Brown Sugar
14g / ½  oz / approx 1 tablespoon Vinegar
14g / ½  oz / approx 1 tablespoon Orange Juice
26g / 1 oz / approx 2 tablespoons Sloe Gin

Saute the mirepoix gently in the garlic butter until softened along with the crushed juniper berries.
Add the brown sugar and brown it well to extract the nutty flavour.
Pour in the stock, orange juice, sloe gin and vinegar and simmer. Let it reduce until it has a good flavour. Set aside until your venison has cooked.

To Serve
Deglaze the pan in which you have cooked the venison with the sauce, then correct the consistency and seasoning. Strain and serve with the venison

Points to Watch
Ensure well balanced of flavour. If needed add more sloe gin at the last moment.

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