The Nottingham Curry Guide

There are approximately 12,000 Indian restaurants in the United Kingdom, and over one hundred of them are in Nottingham! We’re sure you’ll agree that while takeaways are a nice treat, the authentic Indian dining experience can’t be matched. Here is a guide to the most popular dishes and where to find them:

Tikka Masala: Widely, accepted as the nation’s favourite curry, you can find the tikka masala at almost any Indian restaurant. Made with a creamy tomato base, it is usually prepared to a medium heat (the most popular spice level). There is no set recipe for this dish, so many restaurants decide to put their own spin on it. We like the one at Chutney for being tasty and tantalizing, made with fresh cream and masala marinade.

Korma: Loved for its creamy coconut-based sauce, the Korma is a hit with diners all over the world. It is a great choice for first-time curry eaters as it tones down the spice and offers a milder, more soothing taste! Try it with lamb at The Cumin it is finished with a hint of cashew nut paste, saffron and coriander, to give it a special twist!

Madras: A fairly hot curry, the Madras is heavy on chilli powder and enjoyed with either beef or chicken. Slumdog Indian Kitchen and Bar in West Bridgford is a great place to try this dish as it boasts sleek and beautiful surroundings that offer the truest sense of Indian culture in the urbanized streets of Nottingham.

Jalfrezi: The Jalfrezi is a highly flavoured dish infused in green peppers, onions, tomatoes and fresh green chillies. It is usually a fairly hot dish, but many places will tone down the spice if you ask them.  We recommend trying it at Mogal-E-Azam, as they use a traditional Tandoor oven to ensure that every dish is flavourful and as authentic as possible.

Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani): The Butter Chicken is another menu speciality. It is similar to the Tikka Masala, but tends to be milder and creamier due to its tomato and butter-based gravy. The tandoori chicken is often soaked overnight in a yoghurt and spice mixture to achieve the best flavour. Haveli in Chilwell list the Murgh Makhani as one of their signature creations!

Vindaloo: Branded as the ‘classic restaurant curry’, the Vindaloo is a taste explosion, often made with fiery peppers, onions and garlic. 4550 Miles from Delhi serve their Vindaloo with chicken and potatoes. They say there is only one word that adequately describes this dish; ‘HOT’!

Goan Curry: Goan cuisine (originating from Goa) is primarily seafood based, which inspires many Indian restaurants to create a cultural crossover with unique fish dishes. Anoki offers a fantastic Sea Bass Curry; a fresh fillet immersed in green chillies, cumin, ginger paste, tamarind and coconut milk.

Vegetarian: Indian restaurants are excellent for vegetarians. Nearly all of their dishes can be made by substituting meat for fresh vegetables or potatoes, but most of them prepare their own unique vegetarian recipes. MemSaab have a brilliant vegetarian section which includes the Channa Masala; chickpeas cooked in a tangy sauce mixed with a delicious five spice mixture known as ‘panj pooran’.


Which is your favourite curry house in Nottingham? Let us know in the comment section below!

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