10 Ideas for a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is an overlooked meal. Served at the time you could do with an extra few minutes to press the snooze button, find the kids’ school shoes or sort out your lunch, we often opt for the easiest option or skip it in order to save time. Eating a rubbish breakfast can leave you feeling sluggish throughout the day, so if you find yourself reaching for the biscuit tin around 11am you definitely need to assess how you’re starting your day. We’ve put together some healthy breakfast options that are great whether you’re in a rush or want to enjoy brunch with friends. These breakfasts will take you from weekday to weekend and all have fantastic health benefits.

Homemade granola

Granola is great with Greek yoghurt and can be made in advance to eat throughout the week, so is perfect if you don’t have time to make anything in the morning. Full of nuts and seeds, it’s good for you and sure to give you plenty of energy for the day ahead.


Tucking into a big bowl of porridge is the perfect start to the day in winter. The slow release of energy is great if you’re going to be out and about all day. There are lots of exciting ways you can enjoy porridge – try adding some blueberries and strawberries for a fruity breakfast. It’s a great weekday option but can also be more indulgent with fun toppings – try some for brunch at Belle and Jerome and tuck into their porridge with maple syrup, almonds and raisins.

Banana pancakes

If you’re after something sweet and indulgent, make these banana pancakes! They’re fluffy and filling, like American pancakes, with sweetness that rivals golden syrup. All you need is two eggs and one ripe banana, mashed and whipped together. Fry in a pan with coconut oil as you would with regular pancakes for a breakfast treat! For something more interesting, add a handful of blueberries to the mix and drizzle with honey before serving.

Greek yoghurt

A simple option, ideal for those times when you’re rushing out the door. Grab some Greek yoghurt and add some fruit and granola for a really filling breakfast that feels far more special than your typical cereal and is sure to keep you fuller for longer. Add some flax seeds to boost omega 3 for a fantastic start to the day! If you’re out and about any fancy trying an inventive yoghurt based breakfast, we recommend Bay Tree’s fruit and yoghurt option.

Green smoothie

Smoothies are a fantastic way to start the day when the weather’s too hot to contemplate cooking. Green smoothies are popular at the moment for their sweet taste and great health benefits. To make your own, grab a blender and whizz up your choice of green veggies (cucumber, celery, kale and spinach all work well) with a chunk of pineapple and any other fruit you fancy. Blend with coconut water, juice, or just regular water for a burst of morning energy.

A great alternative to a fried breakfast

Scrambled eggs and veggies

Make a hearty and flavourful breakfast by adding chopped red peppers, sweetcorn, spinach and any other vegetables you have in your fridge to some scrambled eggs. Eggs are a great breakfast choice since they’re full of protein and this can be quick enough to make before work.

Toast with peanut butter and bananas

This is probably the most basic of the breakfast options, but is great if you want something mega filling made from ingredients you have at home. Toast your wholemeal bread, spread on some peanut butter and add some sliced bananas for this quick and easy treat.

Smoked salmon on rye

This breakfast option certainly feels more indulgent than it is, with luxury smoked salmon on rye bread. Salmon is bursting with vitamin B12, so this breakfast is sure to give you a boost if you’re feeling low on energy. This breakfast is perfect if you’re craving carbs. If you fancy something similar but don’t want to make it yourself, Michael Frith at Bennetts Brasserie offer a fantastic Smoked Salmon breakfast.

A great healthy breakfast idea

Poached eggs and avocado

All the health benefits of eggs with the added bonus of avocado, great for glowing skin and maintaining a healthy heart. Slice your avocado and place it over granary bread before adding a soft poached egg. This breakfast is indulgent and satisfying, perfect for a healthy weekend brunch.

Healthy fry up

If all else won’t do and all you want is a full English breakfast, try a grilled alternative. Take some turkey bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes and grill them. Serve with boiled or poached eggs for a proper breakfast treat without any added fat. For a weekend treat, add a breakfast muffin. Although a fry up isn’t the healthiest of options, this alternative is full of fantastic vitamins and protein, so is the perfect way to start a busy day.

Hopefully some of these healthy breakfast ideas tempt you to try something different. Our favourite is the banana pancakes, let us know your favourite in the comments! Don’t forget to check out our restaurant guide to find restaurants serving tasty breakfasts in your area.

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