Why You Should Eat More Salmon

We all have plans to eat more healthily, but it’s difficult when you’re confronted with some limp lettuce leaves in the fridge and, more often than not, we turn straight to the biscuit tin or fast food for lunch! Well, we’re here to help you work out how to be the best you, and that starts when you eat more salmon!

If you didn’t know already, salmon is one of the best things that you can munch on. Its many benefits include:

  • It’s packed with ‘good fat’, or Omega-3 fatty acids. These do wonders for your brain, and even help with memory.
  • Maintains great bone density and strength, and helps to prevents bone and joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.
  • It makes your skin look and feel healthier, keeping out toxins and making sure your skin has a soft, healthy and supple outer layer.
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease, blocked arteries and high blood pressure
  • Helps you sleep better thanks to a mystical element called tryptophan, a natural sedative.
  • Maintains your eye health, from annoying ailments like dry eyes to more serious macular degeneration, eat more salmon for better eyes!

You might get intimidated by the prospect of de-scaling, boning and cooking the salmon yourself, as it’s notoriously tricky to get right. You want to seal in all the moisture and flavour that the fish naturally possesses, while making sure it’s cooked all the way through and your sauce or stuffing has time to permeate through the rich, flaky flesh. Don’t worry, though, as we’ve handpicked some of the best restaurants around whose salmon dishes will knock your socks off, as well as feeding your brain, eyes, bones and belly!

Smoked salmon eat more salmon

Loch Fyne is known for its excellent fish dishes, and it sources its salmon from ethical farms in Scotland, where they get a rich, clean and meaty flavour. Try the seafood grill or steamed salmon with a variety of sauces, for a healthy yet indulgent-feeling meal.

Petit Paris is one of our top-rated restaurants, and you’ll love their French menu, which includes a bestselling smoked salmon and leek tart with a gorgeous dill and lemon dressing.

You don’t have to have salmon in a traditional way, though, as Sukhothai in Leeds serves a delicious spicy Pla Rad Prik Gang consists of a salmon fillet in a hot red curry sauce with plenty of vegetables, and it makes a great alternative to the rich, but less healthy, red meat curry options.

If you don’t fancy heading out for a full meal, but want to resist the temptation to pick up a burger or chips on your lunch break, try the Reform restaurant in Lincoln. We’d go for their smoked salmon, cream cheese and buckwheat crepe with a fresh fennel, rocket and lime salad. It’s sure to banish any hunger pangs and set you on your way to a healthy rest of the day.

Have you had any great salmon dishes lately? Where? We’d love to find out, let us know below!

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