Our Guide to Gluten-free Goodness in Nottingham

Whether you are a lifelong coeliac, gluten intolerant or just want to avoid gluten for health reasons, it can be a real pain to go out and eat. Restaurants are gradually coming around to the demand for tasty, gluten-free options but it can be very hit and miss! We know how annoying it is when you’ve gone out and have to make awkward requests or have really limited options when all of your companions are gleefully choosing their meals, so we’ve compiled a quick list of places to go which are great for gluten-free diners in Nottingham.

Quick lunch options

Some places which are great for offering a wide range of gluten-free options for you folks are somewhat unexpected, as they don’t promote themselves enough! One which we absolutely love is the Wok and Go takeaway noodle bar just off Market Square. They do a great range of yummy stir fry dishes, curries, and sides which are all freshly prepared and take just minutes for the chef to whizz up. As they make their noodle boxes to order, they’re always fine when you need to substitute certain items, even down to gluten-free soy sauce.

The boxes themselves are filling and great value, particularly when you order on the Tuesday 2-4-1 offer! If you’re stuck on what to choose, a personal favourite of a certain Go Dine team member is the Pad Thai box with naturally gluten-free rice noodles. If you like the sound of this but want a sit-down meal, check out the Thai or Chinese sections of the Go Dine website to book somewhere similar.

We also love Hartley’s coffee bar, a little independent place in the Lace Market area which you might’ve noticed due to the big cow statue outside. Dawn Hartley, owner of her eponymous restaurant, has been gluten-free for years and understands the struggle. As such, Hartley’s stocks a massive range of gluten free sandwich options (from ciabatta to wraps) and most of her fillings are suitable for gluten-free meals, including her special mayonnaise, sausages and ice creams (though maybe not all together!)

Gluten free cafe in Nottingham

Sit-down Extravaganzas

There are a huge range of restaurants that fly under the radar but actually offer loads for gluten-free diners. You can order any Pizza Express pizza on a groovy gluten-free base, so you can enjoy a pizza like everyone else without getting ill! Check out the GF symbol on their menu for gluten-free goodies; we especially love the yummy salmon risotto fresco and the gooey chocolate brownie.

Gluten free pizza base

For something a little more special, head straight to the Riverbank restaurant down the road in West Bridgeford. We love their gluten-free options like the char-grilled tiger prawns with mango and coriander salsa and the decadent mushrooms on toast starter, easily customisable with gluten-free bread. Their mains menu offers a massive variety of choices for you, and we really love rounding off a meal here with the Southwell strawberry trifle, complete with lemon Custard and puffed barley. Book here to enjoy a meal at this restaurant if you want somewhere to go for a special occasion which won’t let you down, and even enjoy a cheeky free meal on your birthday if you book online!

River Bank Nottingham coeliac


For a taste of the exotic, many meals on the Malaysian restaurant Nada Budaya‘s menu are naturally gluten free, and Chinese restaurant Oriental Pearl provide a separate gluten free menu.

Let us know how you get on if you end up heading to one of our recommended places to eat, we’d love to know what you think!

Can you recommend any other great gluten-free restaurants in Nottingham that we should know about? Tell us about them below.

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