How to Generate More Bookings via Go dine

When you’re running a restaurant, the primary thing that you’re looking for is to get people through the door. We know restaurant owners and managers are super-busy, so we’ve put together a really quick list of easy things you can do to maximise your bookings through Go dine and generate more income, brand awareness and keep everything on track.

Maximise your listing’s potential

Your listing is how we represent your restaurant on Go dine, so be sure to make it stand out against all the amazing places to eat on our website. We help over 100,000 people each month find, book and save money when eating out, so make sure these customers notice your page.

The easiest way to do this is to become a member restaurant, so we do a ton of promotional work and make your listing more prominent on the website’s pages through photos, online booking and full menus.

Generate more bookings online through marketing

If you’re a member restaurant already, help your listing generate even more bookings by:

  • Creating exclusive offers. Go dine users state that this is a major influence when choosing a restaurant, and places running offers consistently attract most bookings. It doesn’t have to be much, a free bottle of wine or a discount on the bill, but it really makes people take notice and get to know your restaurant if they weren’t aware of you before. It also helps your restaurant come up throughout the website, as we make it really easy to see offers when they’re available on the sides of Go dine listings, in newsletters and on social media.
  • Notifying us of any special events coming up that people might not know about (the anniversary of your opening, religious celebrations, themed nights, new menus etc.), so we can help promote them as well as generate bookings in via the Go dine page.
  • Let us know if you have any photos of exciting dishes, busy events, new menus or unique décor, so when a customer views your photos they get the best possible impression of your restaurant.

Cross-platform Promotion

It helps to interact with existing customers and potential new diners whenever you get a chance, as it reminds them you’re still here! Establish your own presence to share, re-tweet or otherwise publicise special offers and events that you’re holding, as it’ll get through to a wide audience. A few ideas are to:

  • Let your regulars and new diners know where to find you if you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. A subtle logo on your business cards and menu will encourage them to keep up to date, or just ask! Most people are more than happy to like, follow and keep up to date. (You can use easy, free tools like Hootsuite to monitor if anyone’s mentioned you, so it’s super easy to keep an eye out!)
  • Interact with diners! If someone’s shared a photo of their meal, thank them for it! Or, if someone tweets asking you what gluten-free options you have, make sure you respond. Customers are much more likely to come back if they feel appreciated, online and offline.
  • Utilise Go dine’s social team! We share news, offers and history about restaurants a lot, so whether you’ve got an interesting fact about your restaurant’s origin, an unusual dish, or a great employee – let our Go dine social team know with a quick email, as then we can promote it to our massive audience and drive bookings to your Go dine page.

Generate more restaurant bookings
Also, check out our last post about creating a consistent brand image online for some great tips on how to succeed on social media.

Listen to Go dine Users

Users love sharing their experience with others, so utilise this exclusive sneak peek into their minds. Most reviews are positive, which is great to see what’s working well from the customer’s perspective. You can share positive reviews on your social media sites, websites, or scribble them on a special’s blackboard as encouragement to you and your team!

Respond to negative reviews effectively
If you get a review which has a couple of less positive points, then don’t take it personally! Read it, consider their point of view and use it as an opportunity to improve rather than a criticism!

Marketing is a slow and steady process, but it’s really important to get your brand and name out there and create a loyal, growing customer base.What do you do to get the most out of your listing?We love hearing what works and what doesn’t work straight from the people on the front lines at restaurants, so let us know in a comment below if you have any tips of your own!

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