How To Earn Free Meals on Go dine

When it comes to eating out, the only drawback for many of us is that it can get a bit pricey if we give in to temptation too often! Well, here at Go Dine we reckon that you should have some sort of payback for being a loyal customer – and so that’s why we created the free meals scheme!

If you already know how our free meals system works, click this link to head over to your Go dine page and leave a review. If you’re not sure, carry on reading to find out.

It’s pretty simple, really, but we’ve broken it down here for you so you can start booking and earning free meals as soon as you’ve finished this blog post! There’s just three simple steps to go through to get you on your way to a fully free meal.

1. Book a restaurant online

You get can get a minimum of 200 points whenever you book a meal online for one to eight people – booking for large groups can get you up to 1400 points – so they stack up pretty quickly! The online booking system is really easy to use, just pop in your details and one of our lovely customer service agents will liaise with the restaurant on your behalf. You can claim any of our amazing deals at top restaurants online, too, so once you’ve finished browsing just click through to enjoy the great savings on offer.

It’s also great to use as you can state whether you’ve got any special requirements, from the practical dietary info like whether you need gluten-free options or have any allergies, right down to fun things like setting up a table or arranging a surprise birthday cake to embarrass your friend with! Anything you want to make your day extra-special is just a couple of keystrokes away.

2. Leave a review

Restaurant reviews
Okay, so you’ve had your meal (we hope it was delicious!) To redeem your points, all you have to do is log in and leave your thoughts on your meal and the overall restaurant experience on the restaurant’s page. Reviews are really important to us, as it works out great for both our diners and restaurants:
The restaurants and Go dine get to hear about what you thought of your meal
Other users can find out more about the restaurant – what you ordered, what the staff were like etc.
It helps us, as well as other users, find out up to date information about the places we represent as, sadly, we can’t get round and experience the 700+ (and growing!) number of places on our books regularly.

3. Earn a free meal!

When you’ve amassed 1,800 points you can treat yourself to a meal, on us, as a thank you! There’s loads of places to choose from, and you’ll get two delicious courses of your choosing as well as house wine. To book your free meal, go to this page and choose a restaurant that strikes your fancy, then make sure you book through the big green button to redeem your points!

Free pizza photo
We hope you’re looking forward to reaping the rewards of going out to eat using Go dine! Have any of you already used your free meal points? Where did you go, what did you eat? We’d love to know all about it below, so please leave us a comment!

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