How to Find the Best Restaurant for Any Occasion

Finding a restaurant that’s suited to you can be a little tricky. Nobody wants to have a candle-lit meeting and somewhere noisy and large doesn’t quite suit that date you’ve got planned. Today, we’re sharing our handy guide on how to find the perfect restaurant for any occasion. We’ve listened to what you guys need to know and revamped our site a little accordingly!

Consider location

First things first, choose your location. Are you part of a large group that need to meet in the city centre or are you happy to travel outside of the more populated areas for a romantic escape? This can help to narrow down options and make sure there aren’t any surprises when it comes to sharing the location, essential when dining with a larger group. With this in mind, you can type in a postcode in our search bar or select an area on our county homepages. This helps to narrow down results and ensure you’re looking in the right area.

how to find the best restaurant near you

Choose a cuisine

Is there a specific cuisine you have in mind? You can sort this on our homepage. If you know you’ll be dining with a vegetarian, you can just click the ‘vegetarian’ link and we’ll narrow down all results suitable for your meal. If you’re after something traditional, ‘British’ is sure to lead you to something tempting! Whatever cuisine you’re after, this is sure to help you out.

Finding the perfect restaurant for any occasion

Not got a cuisine in mind? Search by the occasion!

This recent addition to our restaurant directory helps to cut out the hard work, with an array of categories including the ever so handy ‘child friendly’ alongside options for ‘couples’ and ‘parties’, too! You’ll find these categories by clicking on a restaurant and then clicking the ‘restaurant finder’ button at the top of the page. From here, you can choose from plenty of categories that suit all occasions!

Restaurants for any occasion


If cost is an issue, we’ve got your back. Another new addition to Go dine is the ability to sort by price. Our team judge this by the average price of a main course, so it’s sure to be a reliable way to find somewhere that suits your budget. If you want to treat yourself for cheap, check out the ‘about’ section of the restaurant listing for a handy approximate cost. Equally, if you’re looking to splash the cash with somewhere posh you can use this to find out!

Finding the perfect restaurant for any occasion


Our friendly staff are always happy to help and are around until 10.30pm most nights! We recently introduced a livechat feature so we can help you find the perfect place and assist in your booking. To find this, just open and wait a few seconds for it to pop up. If you don’t fancy that, we’re also contactable on any of our social platforms:
Twitter – @godineuk
Facebook – Go dine
Google+ – Go dine

The best way to find the right restaurant for you
Hopefully this helps you find a great restaurant, whatever the occasion. Whether business lunch, family meal or pre-theatre, we’re happy to help you organise a fantastic evening.


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