The Best Places to Grab a Quick Lunch in Nottingham

Tired of bland sandwiches but only have a short lunch break? Express lunches are the latest way to make the most of your time, with a selection of fun dishes served speedily to ensure you don’t waste valuable time waiting. They’re perfect for work lunch breaks, a quick stop whilst shopping or just for those who hate to wait. We’ve made a list of our top places with quick lunch offers if so you don’t have to waste your time searching. Caution: you may find yourself distracted throughout the day from excitement for your upcoming lunch.

Chino Latino ‘Bento Box Lunch’

Japanese bento boxes make a fun and quick lunch, still allowing a bit of choice. Chino Latino’s lunch offering lets you choose from steak, chicken, salmon and vegetarian, so there’s something for everyone. Sushi sides give an option to bulk out the meal even more, creating a substantial meal. These are perfect if you’re in a real rush and want something unique. Take a look at the menu here and be sure to book yourself in online or by telephoning 0115 754 0291 to keep things speedy!

Iberico World Tapas ‘Express Lunch’

A choice of two tapas or meze dishes are served at a bargain price in this inviting restaurant. Choose from small selection of tasty dishes with a few yummy dessert options alongside this. Available Monday to Friday, this is ideal if you’re in a real rush, with dishes that are easy to choose from and a great amount of food. Book yourself in here or telephone 0115 754 0576 to ensure you don’t miss out.

A great place to eat in Nottingham for lunch

Yamas ‘Tapas Lunch’

The options here are more varied than your typical set lunch menu, with indulgent mussels and pastry options. Located right in the centre of town, you don’t have to waste time making your way there, making it even faster. Head here with friends for something a bit more fun! Take a look at the menu and book in here or telephone 0115 754 1134.

The Farndon Boathouse ‘Lunch for Less’

For a more traditional offering, The Farndon Boathouse offer quick food that’s simple and substantial. Made to order, this might not be as quick at the former tapas and bento options, but it’s well worth it if you want a business lunch and are tight for time. Much quicker than your standard a la carte, whilst retaining the high quality dishes we’ve come to expect from this popular restaurant. Don’t forget to book to ensure you get your table, you can do it online here or telephone 01636 316 218

Which of these are your favourites? If you have somewhere that you love for lunch in Nottingham, share it in the comments below so we can try there too.

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