Our #RestaurantOfTheWeek is Everest Dine in Leicester

At Go dine, we adore Indian cuisine! The zesty flavours and exotic spices can create some of the most beautiful dishes that will keep your appetites hungry for more! There are many Indian restaurants all over the country, but we can all agree that only some of them get it absolutely spot on! One of these restaurants is Everest Dine in Leicester; a warm and luxurious venue to experience Indian food at its finest!

Everest Dine first opened its doors in November 2011 and though it hasn’t been on the scene for very long, it has obtained an abundance of recognition and was even awarded ‘Best Indian & Nepalese Restaurant in Leicester’ by Leicester Mercury! Everest Dine is a restaurant that aims to make an impact and it certainly does just that. The moment you set foot inside the building you are greeted by a colossal staircase, huge pillars, high ceilings and striking chandeliers – a stylish venue if there ever was one! But don’t be fooled, its extravagance is balanced by the warm and welcoming staff, who aim to create the perfect contemporary dining space for their guests. How could they please us diners anymore, you ask?

Well, Everest Dine have in fact complied together a diverse and exciting menu that includes only the best Indian and Nepalese dishes, including juicy meats, fresh fish and a variety of vegetarian options – all blended together with delicious herbs and spices by award-winning chefs! Every meal is as rich and filling as the next, and though Everest Dine aims big, they know not to over-spice their dishes, which is something that cannot be said for all Indian restaurants! The best part? All items on the menu are exceptional value for money, so you won’t hesitate to return again and again to try out different dish every time!

So if you’re looking for top-quality Indian and Nepalese food in a luxurious, yet relaxing venue at bighearted prices, Everest Dine in Leicester is perfect for you! Trust us, it will exceed your expectations!

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