Emotional Stages of Dining at a Restaurant

Dining at a restaurant can bring a whirl wind of emotions and you may not even know it.

Where to eat

If you know what you fancy and where you want to go for dinner, great. However, if you don’t, it can be a pretty tricky decision. Which restaurants are near me? Are there any good offers on tonight? Do I want French, American, Italian? Decisions… decisions…

Making the important decision

So you’ve made your decision, booked a table and arrived at the restaurant. Don’t you just hate it when everything on the menu sounds amazing. You shouldn’t but it just makes ordering so much harder. We’ll have one of everything please.

The food is here!

One of the worst moments has to be when you see a waiter or waitress carrying dishes and heading towards your table. The excitement builds up; you’re imagining just how good your meals going to taste. You’re positioning yourself and getting ready for the arrival of that delicious looking meal. She’s almost here…

Okay, maybe not

…And she walks right past. This could quite possibly be one of the worst feelings in the world. No, we are not being dramatic.

Was that the right decision?

So your foods here and it looks just as good as you imagined. Then you look up and across the table to see your dining partners plate. Did you make the right food decision? Is there’s going to taste better than yours? No, no its not!

The best decision ever made!

And amazing it is!

Is sharing caring?

Can I try yours? You chose to order a salad so you can not have a chip!

Wandering waitress / waiter

You’re getting a little full and you decide to take break. The waitress is back and asks “Are you finished?” STEP AWAY FROM THE FOOD.

Too full

This where the saying “eyes too big for your belly” fits in perfectly. Did you really need to order that extra side? Yes. Yes, you did. You wanted it, so you got it. However, you may be regretting that decision as you’re sat uncomfortably at the table wanting to pop the button on your jeans.


Then the waitress asked “Would you like to see the dessert menu?” You’re thinking to yourself “Look at the dessert menu but I don’t need dessert, I’ve had enough already.” Your jeans might not fit you anymore and you’re so full right now but the best decision was made. There is ALWAYS room for dessert.

True satisfaction

Same time next week? Let’s book a table now!


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