Cedars Lebanese in Leicester is hosting Christmas with a difference

On Church Gate in Leicester there is a popular Lebanese restaurant called Cedars. With its modern yet natural interiors creating a welcoming warming vibe and one of the best cuisines on the planet, Cedars is the perfect restaurant for eating and sharing. Their Christmas party menu is available from 21st November 2013 to 30th December 2013 and they are open on Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

Lebanese food is all about sharing

Lebanese food is broadly similar to Greek; I say broadly because it doesn’t do to make comparisons and each cuisine has their separate identity, but if you enjoy Greek food then it is likely that you will enjoy Lebanese food. The eating structure runs along the lines of meze, with sharing and lively conversation belonging at the heart of every meal.

The Christmas party menu at Cedars Lebanese Restaurant features a selection of hot and cold meze dishes with hummus, tabbouleh, olives and pickles joined by falafel, chicken wings, spicy potatoes and sambosik; a spiced meat filled pastry. A main course follows of either roast turkey or lamb, but Lebanese style with rice and nuts, and served with sauce.

Enjoy lunch with a difference on Christmas Day

For Christmas Day lunch there is also a meze, this time with many more dishes including aubergine salad, broad beans, stuffed vine leaves, falafel, okra, and spinach with chicken and saffron rice. The main course is again the roast lamb or turkey rice dish with nuts and spices; this is not because they can’t be bothered to think of anything, or have no imagination, in Lebanon the centrepiece dish of meat or poultry piled high with spiced rice, herbs and pine nuts is the classic celebratory dish and it is considered a great honour to be the recipient.

Belly dancing and live music on New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve there will be a traditional belly dancer and live music with the hot and cold meze served all night. Fatoush, a mixed Middle Eastern salad with crunchy bread amongst the fresh vegetables, is served alongside shrimp cocktail, spring rolls and other classic dishes mentioned already. Hot dishes include chicken wings, kibbeh (a dish of cracked wheat and spiced lamb), sambosik and spicy potatoes. Hot grilled skewers of chicken, kofte and diced lamb are also served all night, with a special seafood dish of rice, fried onions and pine nuts.

You can enjoy the Christmas party menu for £14.99 and the Christmas Day lunch buffet for £19.99. Tickets for the New Year’s Eve party are £29.99 if you book in advance; £39.99 if you pay on the door. You can book online with Go dine and also browse our selection of restaurants in Leicester with special Christmas menus and offers.

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