Best Buffet Tactics: How to Get Your Money’s Worth!

One piece of advice before you book : don’t go somewhere you don’t want to eat! It’s not worth it if you get in there and don’t fancy what’s on offer. Shop around using Go dine and you won’t make a mistake! Then, once you’re in your foodie paradise, make sure you follow the below buffet tactics to get the best value for your money. Overall, our advice is to go with your friends, take your time, eat some great food and enjoy yourself!

Buffet Tactics: How to choose your restaurant

  • Taste – do you love their food normally? Many restaurants do special buffets of their normal a la carte food, such as Sukhothai in Headingley and Chapel Allerton (both in Leeds). So, if you enjoy the dishes a buffet is an excellent way to maximise your intake without the expense! You can check out their menus online via their Go dine page to make sure you’ll love everything on offer! This goes both ways, though: don’t visit a restaurant with terrible reviews and a cuisine you wouldn’t be happy eating!
  • Reviews – there’s no such thing as returns or try before you buy in the restaurant world, so make sure you get it right the first time! Our website features reviews detailing the good and bad points of our restaurants – though we’ve handpicked the places we represent so they’re usually good! Let other Go dine users direct you to the perfect place through their experiences.

Buffet Tactics: When you’re in there

  • Walk-by- Before you get excited at the mountains of food on offer, work your way around the tables without a plate to see what you fancy. This way, you won’t load your plate with too much of one item.
  • Sample- After you’ve scoped out your favourite dishes, don’t pile your plate high! Be restrained and try a tiny bit of everything you fancy, or else you may fill up on a Pad Thai that’s far too salty for you, while not leaving enough room for the innocous-looking samosas that are actually the best things on the menu!
  • Be patient- If you visit a good-quality buffet such as the Laughing Buddha (Lincoln), you may notice a gap now and then when a popular dish is gobbled up by your fellow diners. Instead of giving up, exercise restraint and eat slowly if you’ve got your heart set on some more of your favourite item, and make sure you pop up to get a plate full when it’s fresh out the oven/wok/tandoor!
  • Best-value items- If you’re wanting to get the best possible food for your prices, we have a few tips. Go for the fresh stuff, see above tip about patience! In terms of the actual value, obviously it depends on taste, but high-value items include seafood (crab meat, shrimps, prawns etc), well-cooked meat like beef, chicken and ribs. The general rule of thumb if you take this approach is ditch the carbohydrates for protein.
  • Go fresh-Try freshly prepared plates from the teppanyaki stations, where chefs fry it all up before your eyes. If you’re lucky enough to visit a restaurant like Harbour City in Lincoln, you’ll order from the menu and everything is prepared from scratch. You don’t get to dive in and try a bit of everything like you might do in traditional cart buffet restaurants, but this is perfect if you’ve got the time and want freshly prepared dishes.
  • Switch it up- If you’re only on your second plate and are feeling a bit full, go wild and head to the dessert cart! It may seem weird at first, but after a sugar fix like ice cream or a fruit salad you’ll be much more up for heading back to the mains cart for some more noodles or chicken wings.

Hungry? Us too! !If you fancy browsing our site, just click here to find hundreds more restaurants all over the UK, plenty more buffet restaurants and reviews, photos and menus for all of our lovely members. There are even a few festive buffets, such as the New Conservatory and the Maynard!

Thanks for reading! If you’ve got your own plan of action in buffets, we’d love to find out. Why not leave a comment below?

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