Top 10 Cuisines: Fantastic Food and Where to Find It in Leeds

Leeds is so full of restaurants and different types of cuisines that it’s difficult to choose what you fancy, and even more tricky to find where to go! Here’s our guide to the top 10 cuisines featuring the best kinds of food on offer in Leeds city centre, along with our recommendations for who does them best. Enjoy!

1. British

Sometimes, you just want what you know and love! Whether it’s a great Sunday lunch meal at a pub, with all the trimmings, or a classic fish and chips dish, you’ll love the menu at Dine @ the Mansion. It’s definitely the place to take mates from abroad, just pretend that you always eat in quintessentially British style, and make sure you book online to enjoy some money off the refined afternoon tea as well as a bargain Sunday roast.

2. Caribbean

Feel the sun on your face and the sand between your toes – figuratively speaking – when you tuck into some great jerk chicken and Creole jambalaya in Soul Kitchen at the Wardrobe. where the menu takes you on a tour from the Deep South’s soul food to the spice and vibrancy of Jamaican cuisine. Definitely a place where a few cocktails wouldn’t go amiss, either.

3. French

There’s nowhere that does sophisticated dining quite like the French. If you’re not hopping across the channel any time soon, then experience the best of French cooking at Kendell’s Bistro where you can enjoy some pate Maison (duck liver pate with toast) followed by a succulent coq au vin (chicken cooked with wine) and finished with a crème brulee. Book here so you can afford to wash it all down with a bottle or two of French wine, oui?

4. Spanish

For a relaxing evening of plenty of wine, tapas, and music look no further than El Bareto. The best approach here is to order tons of little plates to share, we love the patatas bravas and chorizo sausage in cider, as well as hot jalapeño croquettes and seafood paella. Book online to enjoy live music every Friday night, so make sure you start your weekend as you mean to go on with food followed by a fiesta!

5. Italian

If anyone doesn’t enjoy Italian, they need medical attention as their taste buds must be malfunctioning. There are plenty around, but check out our great offers at the top-rated Arias Italian for your favourite pizza and pasta dishes at their best. Melt-in-the-mouth meats, crispy pizzas and creamy pastas, what else could you possibly need?

6. Japanese

Did you know that Japanese food is actually pretty good for you? All the fish and rice certainly helps the nation stay fighting fit way longer than average, so you have a great excuse to enjoy their delish food, too! The sushi at Chino Latino is amazing, so give it a try even if you’re a bit dubious. A good alternative for any squeamish diners is the deep-fried tempura chicken with mango and chilli, but order plenty of all the little dishes to sample some great Pan-Asian cooking, and treat yourself to 2-4-1 cocktails when you reserve a table with us online.

7. Indian

We all have our favourite dishes at Indian restaurants, whether you’re a daredevil Vindaloo-lover or want to indulge in a creamy Korma. Shamilar has a wide menu compared to your average Indian restaurant, with fresh dishes and authentic cooking, as well as a great beer selection, so you might want to stray outside your comfort zone and try something new (especially seeing as we offer three courses for under a tenner here!)

8. Mexican

We love exploring and taking risks when it comes to dining, but sometimes you want a failsafe option for amazing food which isn’t going to cost the earth. Las Iguanas does a bit of everything, from their famous enchiladas to the loaded nachos, and they cater excellently for Gluten-Free diets and veggies as well as meat-lovers. This, and their inevitable happy hour of great cocktails, makes it a fab destination.

9. German

The Germans know how to have a good time, so much so that the Bierkeller has painted on the walls ‘Achtung! No Dancing On The Tables!’ Their bargain bratwurst, perfect pretzels and heavenly Haus fries make this the perfect place to sit and get steadily merry during happy hour (especially as we run a 25% off food during happy hour offer!)

10. Thai

Sukhothai was named one of the best Thai places to eat recently, so it’d be rude not to pop in and feast on the delicately flavoured dishes that the chef Ban has worked tirelessly to perfect. The Go dine team has voted the classic Pad Thai and the excellently-named Weeping Tiger steak as their favourite dishes, but you can go again and again to try more of the menu if you use our amazing offers to save some money!

What’s your go-to cuisine when eating out in Leeds? Have as our guide to the top 10 cuisines missed out your favourite? Bet you’re dying to let us know below, so leave us a comment with the hidden gem we’ve overlooked!

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