Where to Eat in Nottingham with a Large Group of Friends

Heading out for a meal with friends is a great way to celebrate any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or you just fancy spending some time together, there are plenty of great places that are happy to accommodate larger groups. To make sure your group meal is extra special, we’ve put together a list of our top seven places to eat with a large group of friends in Nottingham, with plenty of special offers, too!

Pizzeria Savai

Pizzeria Savai’s large party menu allows the option of either two or three courses and the great news is that you don’t have to decide how many courses until the day! With a variety of starters and a large selection of either pizza, pasta or meat as your main, this is the perfect place for someone who loves Italian food to bring their friends. The varied options allow those who want more than just pizza the option of alternative dishes, while those who prefer simpler dishes are able to enjoy these too. This is our favourite for a relaxing atmosphere and lots of variety! Two courses cost £16.95 and three cost £20.95 per person. Book here or call 0115 754 1238


A great place to eat in Nottingham with friends

For a completely relaxed approach to food, try Yamas’ party meze menu at £17.50 per person. This menu is the perfect way to bring smaller groups (as few as four people) together to celebrate. The sharing mezes contain a balanced variety of small dishes — with dips, falafel and salads — for everyone to choose between and enjoy together. This menu is our favourite if we’re out with a group of close friends and want the chance to try a bit of everything, alongside being more affordable than other options! To book, click here or call 0115 754 1134


Visit MemSaab Nottingham for a meal with friends

MemSaab offer three set menus created exclusively for parties between eight and 180, so are great for the larger celebrations! With sharing platters to bring the party together, followed by a choice of main and side, this menu ensures everyone can eat something they enjoy. This restaurant is our favourite if you’re eating with a really big group and want to keep costs down with a set menu. To book, click here or call 0115 754 0721


Visit Chutney Nottingham for a great meal with friends

If you’re the one organising the meal, Chutney is the restaurant for you, since it offers two free courses for one person if you book online for eight or more people. The food is brilliant too, as the a la carte menu categorises dishes according to spice, ensuring that even those who don’t enjoy hot food will find something suited to their taste. The dishes offered range from traditional offerings to more exciting and unique dishes. We recommend sharing platters amongst the whole group to start before choosing individual mains to bring everyone together and ensure everyone’s happy. This restaurant is best for those who want the opportunity to choose from a wide range of exciting dishes. To book, click here or phone 0115 754 0048

Oriental Pearl

A great place to eat in Nottingham with friends

This restaurant offers two set menus tailored to larger groups, the Dynasty at £21 and the Emperor at £25, both available at any time for groups of eight and above. These menus offer a small but interesting selection of Oriental Pearl’s best dishes, with vegetarian options and a bar if any of your group choose to enjoy some cocktails after their meal. This restaurant is our favourite for escaping from the city centre and enjoy some quality time together, with great food and the option of drinks. To book, click here or call 0115 754 0048


A great place to eat with friends in Nottingham

A short drive away from the centre of Nottingham, Creme’s party menu for 12 or more people serves modern British food that’s certain to satisfy the whole group. The menu sticks to a handful of classic dishes, great if you’re unsure of people’s preferences and want to play it safe. You’re also able to choose your own starters here, rather than sharing platters, allowing everyone to choose and avoiding potential dissatisfaction. Creme is our favourite for a larger gathering with picky eaters! The party menu costs £25 per person. To book, click here or call 0115 754 0354

Emilio’s Greek Restaurant

A great place to eat in Nottingham with friends

If you’re planning to meet with friends over the weekend, Emilio’s offers a fantastic weekend party menu that’s full of exciting dishes you might not have tried before. Choose between two or three courses and enjoy a wide selection of inventive Greek dishes. Mains are centred around a variety of meats, fish and vegetables, and there’s even a pasta dish in there too! This is our favourite for being a real crowd pleaser and allowing you to sample more exciting options. The set menu costs £18.90 for two courses or £20.90 for three courses. To book, click here or call 0115 754 0384

Remember that when booking for a larger group it’s essential to book in advance! Using Go dine to do this ensures you gain access to exclusive offers and allows you to gain free meals in the future. If you want see what other options are available, click here for more party menus in Nottingham.

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