Burger Tips for a Showstopping Barbecue!

We all look forward to barbecue season – there’s great food, fab company and (fingers crossed) glorious sunshine. But with all your guests bound to be going to a fair few barbecues over the summer months, how do you make yours stand out? Put your burnt sausages and blackened corn on the cobs down, step away from the grill and take a moment to digest a few of these fabulous tips to make some of the best burgers you’ll have all summer.

Cooking Tips

Braving your own burger making skills instead of whacking them out of the freezer will definitely give your burgers the edge. Firstly, check out our simple homemade burger recipe to get an idea of what you’ll be doing. But when you’re making them, keep these tips in mind – they’re sure to take your burgers to the next level.

• Make sure you season your meat generously, but only a few minutes maximum before they’re put on to grill – salt left on too long before cooking can give the meat a spongy texture
• Don’t be afraid to play with the recipe – if there’s a spice you love or a dollop of sauce you think will give it a kick, go for it! (But maybe do a practice run before serving, eh?)
• Fattier beef makes for juicier burgers – keep it in mind when shopping for ingredients, depending on how you want yours to be
• Try to flip them only the once – the more you fiddle with them, the drier they’ll become
• Same goes with pushing down on them with your spatula – don’t! It releases all the juices and lots of the flavour
Add cheese a minute before taking the burger off the barbecue
• Make sure to grill the bun too, it finishes the burger off excellently and stops the bread from getting soggy
Have a look at our toppings suggestions to really make your burgers something special

Tasty Toppings

If you don’t have the time to make your own burgers, or you want to make your homemade ones really stand out, then invest in some easy and delicious toppings for them. Gourmet burger toppings have become really popular in restaurants all over the country recently, but don’t be intimidated, they’re super easy, there’s something for every taste and you can just chuck them in once the burger is done on the barbie. Here’s a few ideas:

• Chopped chorizo and grilled halloumi
• Crushed nachos, spicy salsa, jalapeños and cheese
• Grilled mushroom and Swiss cheese
• Crispy bacon, blue cheese, onion and mayo
• Flaked jerk chicken and pineapple
• Pulled pork and apple sauce
• Chunky peanut satay sauce

There’s really no end to what you can do. If two things go well alone, they’ll probably go well on a burger. Experiment with combinations and encourage people to bring their own. Pop them in bowls on a table and let the burger buffet commence! If the weather isn’t holding, well, why not save yourself the hassle get yourself down to a fab burger bar instead? Search by American cuisine here.

Got some great tips or fantastic topping ideas? Let us know in the comments!


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