5 Top Tips for Restaurants Using Facebook

Facebook is more than just a social network – it’s used as a search engine by consumers and is a valuable marketing tool for restaurants everywhere. If you’re yet to get started with Facebook yet, here’s a few tips of how best to use Facebook as a restaurant.

Be Useful

Lots of people will go straight to your Facebook to find out more about you, so fill out your profile with all the information you’d have on your website.

Include your opening times, upload a sample menu, include your address and link to your Go dine listing so customers can get a good idea of what your restaurant is like and then book with ease.

Be Visual

Don’t neglect to upload your logo as your profile picture and a lovely high-spec photograph as your cover photo. These are the things potential customers will see first, so the last thing you want is for them to be blurry or pixelated. Good cover images include a top quality image of your restaurant, or a tempting image of your food.

If you haven’t got the best photos at hand, your professional Go dine photos are available to purchase for your own personal use!


The best part of social media websites like Facebook is that it lets you engage with your customers – regulars, newbies and potential. When you’re using Facebook, make sure to grab this opportunity and talk to people! Reply to comments on your photos, answer enquiries people may have and ask questions over statuses.

This engagement is great for customer loyalty and is as much a platform for valuable feedback as it is a way to get your name out there.

Go dine Facebook

Get Personal

Don’t use your business page as you would your personal page, of course, but it’s well documented that Facebook users love a bit of personality from the businesses they connect with on social media –  after all, they’re using it primarily for fun, so too much hard selling can be annoying. Break up your business posts with behind the scenes photos of the chefs at work, little updates on the staff and taster images of new things on the menu.

Making customers feel involved with these sorts of updates on social media tends to get you some great attention and can rally up some real excitements.

Be Active

There’s no point in having a Facebook page if you’re never going to update it. It looks half-hearted and unprofessional, so make sure you update it regularly, even if it is just one post every other day.

If it all seems a bit much (we know exactly how hard running a restaurant can be!), talk to our Digital Team at Go dine about our Digital Marketing packages, which include a Social Media pack that can set-up your Facebook for you, give you bespoke advice for your restaurant, and even manage it long-term if that’s what you’re after.


Have you had any success stories using Facebook for your restaurant? Let us know in the comments!

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