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At Go dine we provide a comprehensive online restaurant booking guide that makes booking restaurants fast and fun. Easy to use, all of our services are completely free and provide everything that you need to choose a great local restaurant.

We have met with the top restaurants in order to bring you insider knowledge and plenty of money saving special restaurant offers. There is a vast range of options to choose from and most of them are family run favourites or thriving independent eateries.

All the information that you need to make an informed choice about where to book your next meal is here at your fingertips. Showing details of all the best local restaurants, each restaurant is presented on its own page that you can view at your leisure.

Each page contains the address of the restaurant and a handy interactive map that will give you directions, with an easy print option. The page shows the ranking of the restaurant within the local area, as voted by you the customers, the opening times of the restaurant and shows the category of cuisine such as Indian or fine dining.

The pages are thoughtfully set out and designed to make your online life as easy as possible and present beautiful photography of the restaurant settings with equally stunning shots that showcase the food. This detailed photography gives you an exclusive glimpse of the interior of the restaurant; because eating out is not just about the food. Imagine trailing round a city trying to look inside each restaurant, get a feel for it and see if the menu excites. Well, you can do that here without leaving your chair and it will save you time and money too.

You can see at a glance all the special offers available at the restaurant, and those exclusive to you as a Godine customer, which are presented alongside any specific details or limitations that apply. You will also be shown alternative offers at nearby restaurants to view only if you wish and suggested recommendations, based on your previous choices, of other restaurants that you may choose to view. A description of the restaurant gives you an overview that offers additional information and helps you to make an informed choice.

Fancy a great value meal at short notice? No problem, just use the late deals tab at the top of the page to take advantage of all the late deals.

Up to date restaurant reviews from real diners include ratings that show instantly what you can expect in terms of excellence of service, value for money, quality of the food and the overall ambience of the restaurant, as well as giving you and others the confidence to make the right choice. Leaving a review not only involves you as an important part of the restaurant community, and thereby putting diners in full control of the ratings, but it also gives ourselves and the restaurants that we work alongside vital information about the areas that we can improve upon. You make a vital contribution to the restaurant scene in the UK and despite the invasion of the chain restaurants the quality of dining in the UK is better than ever before. Eating out is an increasingly important part of our culture as we all work hard and want to spend our leisure time enjoying good food and hospitality with our family and friends. It is the customers that set the standards for the dining scene and by seeking out the best of the new places to eat and sharing your experiences with others you are helping it to thrive.

You can view full restaurant menus, with pricing. Each restaurant features a selection of menus, so not only can you view the main a la carte menu but you can also see what the specials will be or how much choice a set menu will offer.

After looking through the photos and finding a restaurant that looks great and making sure that the menu makes your mouth water you can then place reservations with ease either using our straightforward online booking system, or over the phone through a local rate number. We are aware that each one of you is unique and the booking form has an area for you to make any special requirements that will ensure that your dining experience fits your needs. Once the booking process is complete you will receive confirmation of your booking and with just one click you can even update your calendar in Google or Outlook.

Our blog offer in depth news and reviews of the top restaurants in your area and help you to keep up with developments in your local dining scene as well as read detailed critiques of many of the featured restaurants that help you even further in your choices.

Godine is an absolute pleasure to use; everything about the site is geared towards you, the customer, and offers not only comprehensive information but the ability to fine-tune that information quickly and easily. Our easy to use sort and search functions make sure you can pinpoint exactly what you are looking for, or conversely you could browse the entire selection and either find something new or enjoy a good browse through tantalising menus and gorgeous interiors. Everything is entirely under your control and everything that you need to find great places to eat is here, all under one roof; you may be surprised by what you might find.

Joining the site makes Godine more specific to you. You can manage your bookings, check on your reward points or update your contact details. You receive 200 reward points every time that you dine through us and there are always chances to collect more points so that free meal could soon be yours.

We offer a completely free service and are always on hand should you need us. You can phone us on 01159 506 804 (Monday to Friday 9am-6pm), or email us 24/7 on

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