Panna Cotta recipe by Buckingham’s restaurant Derby

This creamy Italian dessert makes a fine end to a meal, set in moulds and plated surrounded by a profusion of summer berries or any other ripe fruit. Delicately infused with vanilla and orange zest, the texture is smooth and just set; perfect for when you want a satisfying yet subtle dessert.

8 Portions

1 Vanilla Pod (split and scraped)
1 pt Cream
4 Soup Spoons Rum
8 Soup Spoons Orange Juice and Zest
55g / 2 oz Sugar
4 Leaves of Gelatine Soaked and Squeezed Out

In a heavy based pan, bring the cream, vanilla, rum, orange juice and zest to boiling point, then remove from the heat and infuse over night if possible. If you are making on the day a minimum of one hour to infuse is a must.
After infusion, bring the cream to the boil again slowly with the sugar, so it has time to dissolve. Add the gelatine and stir in well. Strain the mixture through a sieve, pushing as much through as possible so that the vanilla seeds are included.
Cool the mixture over ice, stirring until setting point is achieved. The idea is for the vanilla seeds to be set throughout the mix, rather than just at the bottom of the mould.
Place the mixture in stainless steel moulds and chill until needed.

To Serve
Dip the moulds in hot water to release the panna cotta. Serve with fruit.

Points to Watch
Do not add any more gelatine. The beauty of this dish is in the soft creamy texture.

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