Langoustine Sauce recipe by Buckingham’s restaurant Derby

Langoustine Sauce recipe

A wonderful, well-flavoured, rich and creamy sauce to serve with baked fish or any other seafood dish. This recipe makes a large quantity of sauce, so you may want to halve or even quarter the quantities if you are just cooking for a few people. The sauce can be prepared earlier in the day and refrigerated, then re-heated and finished at the last moment when you are ready to serve.

2 Pints

1.3kg / 3 lb Langoustine Shells
220g / 8oz Peeled Vegetables – Onions, Leeks, Carrots, Celery (cut into dice)
6 pts Fish Stock
27g / 1oz Garlic Butter
27g / 1oz Flour
Fresh Dill and Dill Seeds
¼  pt Tomato Passata
1 pt Cream

Fry the Langoustine shells, vegetables, dill and dill seed in the garlic butter until golden brown.
Add a dash of brandy.
Add the flour and cook out, stirring for a minute or two. Then pour in the stock and add the tomato passata. Work the sauce stirring     until smooth.
Bring the sauce to the boil and reduce the liquid by half. Add the cream and cook at a steady simmer for 10 minutes.
Allow to stand.
Season with care. Strain through a chinois or fine mesh sieve and allow to cool.

To Serve
Reboil to serve, add a knob of butter to finish.
Check for flavour and season

Points to Watch
Make sure the flavour is good and strong.
If sauce has separated, liquidise to bring back to smooth texture before reheating and adding the final knob of butter.

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